Bunge, Nutrien Ag Solutions Announce Strategic Alliance to Enhance Support to U.S. Farmers in the Transition to Lower-Carbon Agriculture to Meet Growing Consumer Demand for Sustainable Products

Alliance provides unique opportunity to expand sustainable agriculture at scale in North America

BeeHero Introduces 'Healthy Hive Score' Metrics for Measuring Bee Health and Promoting Sustainable Precision Pollination

The data-driven precision pollination leader, who saved a quarter billion bees in the past year, unveils its new bee welfare evaluation model for beekeepers and growers ahead of World Bee Day on May 20th

Leaf-level agtech AI platform Proofminder secures first EUR 400k VC funding

Budapest, 04/12/2023 - AgTech computer vision startup offering AI-supported leaf-level farm monitoring, Proofminder secures first VC investment of EUR 400k from Hungarian social innovation investor, Impact Ventures, the founders announced. The investment marks the end of a one and a half year long bootstrapping period and opens the opportunity of going global both in partner cooperations and client-related activities.

Revolutionary Plant Growing Substrate Introduced that Uses Far Less Water, Speeds Growth Cycle, Increases Yields and is Safe for the Environment

Biodegradable, ideal water to air ratio, water savings of up to 50% and growth rates greater than 125% define new Rocket-Foam growing material from Martian Enterprises

Purely Elizabeth Partners with Mad Agriculture for First Regenerative Impact Program

The natural foods brand invests in regenerative agriculture and commits to goal of sourcing 1/3 of its ingredient volume from regenerative agriculture methods in three years.

How Cameras Enable Vision in New-age Agricultural Robots

Embedded vision has been transforming agriculture by enabling autonomous mobile robots to 'see' their environment for the purposes of picking & harvesting, plowing, weed & bug detection, etc.

Right to Repair Finally on the Way for Farmers

In April 2023, Colorado became the first state to pass a right-to-repair law for agricultural equipment. Farmers previously had to take their broken tractors, combines and other machinery to a certified service provider or wait days for a servicer to arrive.

Semtech's LoRa® Chip-to-Cloud Platform Enables Sustainable Farming in Malaysia

Semtech's LoRa devices and gateways utilizing LoRaWAN® help to improve farming practices, lower operational costs and increase crop yields

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Delivers Efficient, Economical Solutions for End-of-Line Packaging

The use of decentralized drive solutions with asynchronous motors can achieve cost benefits of up to 50% while providing a more compact footprint and high-efficiency operation.

School Awareness of Ag Tech Is Crucial to Solving the U.S. Farm Labor Shortage

Nobody thinks about issues like food access or where their food comes until there's a problem

Platinum Tools® Weatherproof RJ45 Coupler Housing Now Available

The Rugged Housing Protects Almost Any RJ45 Coupler From Dust and Splashes; Dual Locking Lugs Keep the Housing Securely Closed While Dual Center Mounting Points Allow the Housing to be Secured with Screws or Cable Ties

Decreasing Soil Tillage May Reduce Carbon Release

Decreasing soil tillage can reduce carbon emissions. Reducing these greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture can help combat climate change and lead to a more sustainable agricultural system - and ultimately a more sustainable environment.

Blendhub will present at Food 4 Future a Food-as-a-Service platform to help food companies innovate anywhere in the world

Together with some of its partners, Chemometric Brain, 3D Essence Food, LeanPio and Indespan, they will present innovative solutions in quality control, personalized nutrition, food surplus utilization and waste management.

How Synthetic Data will Revolutionize Agriculture

Synthetic data is not a replacement for original data, but a secondary source, one that can reduce the time, cost, and effort in obtaining original data. It offers great potential in reducing the time and investment of bringing new agricultural products to market.

Bayer partners with Superplum to Build a Sustainable Crop Protection Model

-Bayer and Superplum partner to enhance farmers yield through the right market linkage -The sustainable crop protection model will be implemented in UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka and further expanding pan-India from season to season -Bayer and Superplum aim to reach 15,000 farmers in 3 years through farmer engagement and training programs across 16 farmer clusters

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Precision Farming - Featured Product

Particularly small and cost-effective: Market launch of the uEye XLS cameras

Particularly small and cost-effective: Market launch of the uEye XLS cameras

Image processing opens up a wide range of possibilities for the automation of modern agriculture - but what to do when only a small budget is available? That is where the uEye XLS comes in. With the launch of these super-small industrial cameras, even price-sensitive applications and volume projects become feasible. Measuring just 29 x 29 x 7 mm, the compact cameras offer excellent imaging characteristics without excessive heat generation, making them a perfect fit for embedded vision applications in agricultural machinery and equipment. The industrial cameras comply with the vision standard and are available with Micro-B connectors and with or without C/CS or S-mount lens holders, further increasing their adaptability to different agricultural environments. Thanks to these features, the cameras offered by IDS Imaging Development Systems lower the barriers to entry and make it easier to explore the potential of vision technology to optimize agricultural processes.