FarmRaise Introduces Groundbreaking Addition to Software Suite, Revolutionizing Farmer Financial Incentive Programs

FarmRaise launched its novel product aimed at transforming the administration of farmer-facing programs, including financial incentives and sustainability programs. This innovative solution marks a significant step forward in empowering farmers and institutions alike with user-friendly tools.

NEUROPUBLIC to Boost Sustainable Avocado Farming in the Farmtopia Project

The EU project Farmtopia, running from 2023 to 2026, aims to make digital technologies accessible to all, including small- and medium-sized farmers.

Ancera Releases New Third-Party Verification Platform for Allied Companies

New Tech to Improve Poultry Supply Chain's Food Safety and Performance

New Eagle Enables Raptor Software on John Deere Controllers, Reducing Cost and Time to Market for OEM Customers

John Deere's M Series Controllers with Raptor™ Software to Be Unveiled at ACT Expo, Bringing a Flexible Development Platform to Rugged OEM-Level Hardware

Gocious aids AGCO in their mission to help farmers feed the world through product roadmap innovation

Across ACGO, all team members now have real-time transparency into dynamic product roadmaps. By increasing collaboration among AGCO brands and departments, teams can now focus more on product management and less on project management.

MyEasyFarm Integrates Cool Farm Tool into Its Platform

MyEasyFarm integrates with Cool Farm Tool, a CO₂ emissions calculator by Cool Farm Alliance, to enhance carbon management in agriculture. This tool supports farmers in reducing emissions, bolstered by MyEasyFarm's API connections to external data sources.

Poulterra Revolutionizes Poultry Industry with Launch of Innovative Manure-as-a-Service Platform

Today, Poulterra launches its Manure-as-a-Service ("MaaS") platform, an entirely new approach to reducing emissions across the poultry supply chain, while simultaneously lowering costs, improving operating performance and setting new benchmarks for sustainable poultry production.

Emerging Solutions for 5 Persistent Agricultural Equipment Issues

Agricultural equipment has come a long way over the industry's history, but machine-related problems remain prominent. Addressing these issues is becoming increasingly crucial as a growing population demands higher farm productivity.

Zayndu prepares for growth by expanding its engineering and sales teams

Their recruitment is a strategic move as Zayndu prepares for the rapid expansion of its cold plasma seed treatment and priming process into the global controlled environment agriculture sector.

Managing Animal Health on the Ranch by Satellite

Ranchers access this information through a secure, cloud-based platform. It helps ranchers figure out how much land they need for a herd of a certain size - based not on guesswork but on the actual activity of their cattle.

Fresh Del Monte Announces Partnership to Produce Biofertilizers from Fruit Residues, Launching Innovative Plant in Kenya

Partnering with Vellsam Materias Bioactivas, the new plant marks initial step in biofertilizer production

Carbon Robotics Named to the 2024 CNBC Disruptor 50 List

Carbon Robotics' inclusion underscores its pivotal role in revolutionizing farming worldwide and establishing new benchmarks for innovation and sustainability in agriculture.

Solar + Sheep = Success! Renewable ways to live off the land

The success of "solar grazing" programs at Arnprior and other facilities across Canada and the U.S. has garnered attention from landowners, sheep farmers and solar developers alike.

DENSO and Certhon Introduce Artemy, A Fully Automated Cherry Truss Tomato Harvesting Robot

Artemy is scheduled to exhibit at "GreenTech Amsterdam," the world's largest horticultural trade show, held from June 11th to 13th in the Netherlands (Hall 5, stand 05.250).

How to Secure Your Farm Surveillance Cameras

The presence of surveillance cameras may often be enough to deter potential crime. However, these systems also need protection from both physical threats and cyberattacks.

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Get enhanced vision-powered systems for Auto Farming!

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