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Monarch Tractor Announces $133M Series C Funding - Marking Largest-Ever Raise in Agricultural Robotics

With this latest raise, the company behind the world's first fully electric, driver-optional, smart tractor cements its position as a leader in the space

Closing the Skills Gap in AgTech - Hartnell College

The transformation of the agricultural sector requires a tech-savvy, skilled workforce. With tech innovation outpacing workforce development, the technical skills gap that currently exists is putting a strain on many agricultural communities.

What is the best plain bearing for agricultural machinery?

Everywhere a variety of forces are being applied to plain bearings, which have a wide range of motion profiles and varying requirements for sealing against dirt and moisture. And that is just sowing coulter bearing points

Automating pick-and-place in food manufacturing

The requirements included automatic pick and place of up to 60 keys per minute, seamless integration with the existing production line and a minimal factory floor footprint.

How to Fight Back Against the Concerns Caused by Fungicides

Protein-based biocontrol solutions, the next wave of biofungicides, offer a new way to ensure the safety of our food supply expected to be produced at a cost-effective price point comparable to chemical-based counterparts.

Off-Grid Power for San Francisco’s First Street Tree Nursery

By utilizing 30kW of high-efficiency solar panels coupled with our robust 30K-3P-208V hybrid inverter, the facility operates completely off-grid.

Strawberry Harvesting Robot– Ripe for the Future

While the current focus is on strawberries, the system is designed to be scalable and adaptable to other crops, such as tomatoes or peppers, offering a versatile solution for farmers.

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Revolutionizing grain cleaning: Metra unveils AI-powered color sorters

These cutting-edge machines are set to transform the grain cleaning industry by significantly enhancing the efficiency and precision of sorting processes. The new AI-driven color sorters are already available now, bringing a revolutionary approach to grain quality control.

Purdue Extension leads workforce development project with AgriProspects network

AgriProspects fosters regional cooperation, identifies workforce ecosystem gaps and offers collaborative, adaptive solutions to local and regional employment challenges.

Agriculture Robots Market is projected to surpass USD 80 billion revenue by 2032

Farmers and agricultural enterprises are embracing robotic solutions to optimize crop production while reducing environmental impact. These technologies enable precision agriculture, efficient resource utilization, and eco-friendly farming.

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Whole Foods Market Releases 2023 Impact Report Highlighting Agriculture as a Force for Good

Responsible Sourcing, Sustainable Practices, High Quality Standards, Team Member Empowerment are Key Focuses

Tesseract Ventures Re-Imagines Precision Agriculture with Advanced Ag Drone Technology

Tesseract Ventures is pleased to announce the dual use application of its cutting-edge military technology and specialized robotics platform in the agricultural sector, specifically tailored for American farmers.

Farmblox Raises $2.5m Seed Round To Bring AI/Automation To Farms

The oversubscribed round was led by Hyperplane, with participation from Slow Ventures, MHS Capital, and Service Provider Capital.

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igus® - Avoid corrosion & reduce wear with plastic parts
igus® - Avoid corrosion & reduce wear with plastic parts

igus® - Avoid corrosion & reduce wear with plastic parts

Heavy-duty applications require components that can withstand harsh conditions, exposure to dirt and dust, high loads, and more. Heavy-duty bearings and cable carriers from igus® meet these requirements while eliminating the need for external lubricants. igus' cable carriers offer a superior solution to cable management than festoons or cable reels, and igus' plain bearings can withstand high edge loads and surface pressures of up to 36,260 psi.

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