Midland Introduces New Repeater Capable GXT GMRS Two-Way Radio Bundle

The GXT3000VP4 is a step up from its top-selling predecessor, boasting new features including extended battery, rapid charging capability, water resistance and an LED flashlight

Mitti Labs launches five projects in South Asia, transforming rice farming to slash methane emissions and water

• Rice farming emits close to 1,000,000,000 tonnes (1Gt) of CO2e each year - equivalent to all global air travel • New project developer Mitti Labs, backed by leading climate VCs, seeks to reduce methane emissions from rice farming by 50%, as well as water consumption by 30% • The company has launched its first five major projects across India, spanning a total of 30,000 hectares and aiming to reduce emissions by 120,000 tonnes of CO2e • It is collaborating with Syngenta Foundation and Ebro Foods, parent company behind Tilda, to train 40,000 farmers in new agricultural techniques and drastically improve their livelihoods

ICBA strengthens cooperation with Brazilian agri-tech industry

• Dr. Tarifa Alzaabi, Director General of ICBA, joins thought leaders, scientists and experts from around the world for discussions on global food security and hunger. • ICBA strengthens partnerships with Brazilian agri-tech entities and showcases its agricultural research and development work.

Field to Farm: How Robots in Agriculture Revolutionize Farming

In this post, we'll explore what agriculture robots are, common types of agriculture robots, their applications, benefits, the exciting future of robots in agriculture, and more.

Deepak Fertilisers Optimizes Data Analysis Time by 70% with Agmatix Trial Management Platform

• Time to collate, verify and analyze agronomic data cut from six months to under one • Deepak has experienced significant error reduction through Agmatix's digital notebook, which allows instantaneous mobile data collection

More than $2.5M in new funding to support Michigan animal agriculture research, outreach

This year, research and outreach covers a wide range of topics, including management of dairy cattle diseases, improving dairy cattle fertility, controlling tar spot and vomitoxin in silage corn, and developing honey bee health protection tools.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Completes Acquisition of New Biocontrol Technology

This new biocontrol technology is expected to introduce chlorin-based photosensitizer to the global market as a biocontrol solution for integrated pest management (IPM)

NewMoo Creates Casein in Plants for Crafting Moo-Free Cheese

Plant molecular farming delivers a new way to produce scalable, profitable animal-free cheese that fulfills authentic cheese cravings.

Vogelsang USA Introduces the Innovative XSplit® Separator for Manure Management in Dairy, Cow, and Livestock Operations

Groundbreaking design ensures exceptionally high dry matter yields and unparalleled ease of use and maintenance

Leveraging Ground Improvement Solutions for Resilient Farm Infrastructure

Agtech professionals and agricultural experts must work harder than ever to maintain soil quality. Severe weather, pollution and the changing climate have changed how the earth operates, and it causes problems for farms.

TAIHO Intelligent - Selecting the Optimal Rice Color Sorter for Your Specific Requirements

Hefei Taiho Intelligent Technology Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. The main products include agricultural and sideline food sorting, fruit and vegetable sorting, ore sorting, renewable resources sorting, food testing, intelligent packaging and other six categories of equipment, which are widely used in agricultural and sideline products processing, industrial products processing, ore sorting and packaging and other fields, and the products sell well in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Sama Reaffirms Support for AI AgTech in Africa

Company Leverages Worldwide AgTech AI Expertise to Boost Farming Productivity in Africa

Farmers Achieve Lower Carbon Emissions with the Help of a New Regenerative Agriculture Collaboration in Europe

Last year, the companies embarked on a feasibility study to evaluate the impact of regenerative agriculture practices in curbing carbon emissions, increasing biodiversity and improving soil health.

Leading the Future of Agriculture: Tech-Driven Solutions

Tech Hub LIVE Announces Opening Keynote by NASDA CEO Ted McKinney

Plant Sap Analysis as a Driver of Regenerative a Agronomy

With plant sap analysis we use a technique we call differential testing. By measuring the old and new leaves separately, we can observe how the plant is self-regulating nutrient movement

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igus® - Avoid corrosion & reduce wear with plastic parts

igus® - Avoid corrosion & reduce wear with plastic parts

Heavy-duty applications require components that can withstand harsh conditions, exposure to dirt and dust, high loads, and more. Heavy-duty bearings and cable carriers from igus® meet these requirements while eliminating the need for external lubricants. igus' cable carriers offer a superior solution to cable management than festoons or cable reels, and igus' plain bearings can withstand high edge loads and surface pressures of up to 36,260 psi.