SolAgra Contracts with University of Delaware for Agrivoltaics Research

These facilities will allow faculty and students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to study the benefits of co-locating solar tracking systems with crop production.

Introducing Maternity Warden: Constant Care for Calving Cows

Ever.Ag launches new computer-vision-powered system to improve dairy cow reproduction and welfare

Trimble and AGCO to Form Joint Venture to Better Serve Farmers Worldwide with Mixed Fleet Precision Agriculture Solutions

-Joint Venture to Accelerate Innovation in Factory-Fit and Aftermarket Solutions to Benefit Farmers Across the Globe -Transaction to Simplify and Accelerate Trimble's Focus on its Connect and Scale Strategy

LeafSpec LLC, a Purdue-connected ag-tech startup, to compete for $3 million in prizes in November

Company is one of 20 international food and agriculture startups selected for the 2023 Grow-NY Food and Ag Summit


Vivent pioneers unique AI-enabled technology that gives farmers and agtech businesses early warning of disease, pests, nutrient deficiencies, and water stress, using biological signals from the plants themselves.

LUCID Expands Triton2 - 2.5GigE Camera Family with Latest Sony Pregius S Image Sensors

The Triton2 camera family utilizes Sony's Pregius S global shutter CMOS image sensors, offering a diverse range of resolutions from 1.6 MP to 24.5 MP. With this expansion, LUCID introduces four new Triton2 camera models that have now entered series production. The image sensors in these models include the 1.6 MP Sony IMX273 running at 166 fps, the 2.3 MP IMX392 at 116 fps, the 5.0 MP IMX264 at 35 fps, and the 12.3 MP IMX304 at 22 fps. Additional models are planned for release later this year.

Trimble and Kyivstar Partner to Provide GNSS Correction Services for Agriculture, Construction and Geospatial Applications in Ukraine

Trimble Hardware and Software Selected for New GNSS Network

Rising Energy Costs & Climate Change - Technology in Indoor Farms

While indoor farming offers numerous advantages, it's essential to acknowledge one of its major challenges: energy consumption. The controlled environment required for optimal crop growth demands a significant amount of energy for lighting, heating, and cooling. In an era when sustainability is a top priority, finding solutions to mitigate rising energy costs and reduce the environmental impact of indoor farming is crucial.

Empowering the Next Generation in Agriculture's Tech-Driven (r)evolution

As we look towards the future of agriculture, one crucial concern arises - how do we make this age-old industry more appealing to the younger generation? Agriculture has been the backbone of societies for centuries, but today, it's facing a challenge as more people are leaving the field than joining. However, we believe there's a path forward to revitalize this essential sector and make it not just sustainable, but also attractive to the tech-savvy youth of today.

Why Growers May Lose Herbicide Options Due to EPA's Strategy for Endangered Species Act Compliance

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) development of an updated Endangered Species Act (ESA) workplan could cause growers to lose herbicide options. The Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) encourages growers to study the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposed herbicide strategy for Endangered Species Act compliance and comment on how it may affect their operations.

Pilot Testing Opportunity: Freya Cultivation Systems Unveils New Greenhouse Cultivation System Aiming at 200 kg/m2/year Leafy Greens Yields

The AEROFRAME doubles the cultivation area by utilizing three-dimensional structures (A-Frames) and mobile proprietary ultrasonic sprayers, which not only increase productivity but also deliver all the benefits of aeroponic irrigation, such as increased disease resistance and resource savings.

Alliances and Innovation Headline 2nd Annual Edition of CEA Summit East in Virginia

Co-hosted by Indoor Ag-Con and the Virginia Tech- IALR Controlled Environment Agriculture Innovation Center, the 2nd annual CEA Summit East attracted 240 attendees from 33 U.S. states, Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden, including growers, educators, scientists, Virginia Cooperative Extension specialists, suppliers, engineers, tech specialists, architect/developers and other industry members.

Robotics Plus launches Prospr: multi-use autonomous vehicle for sustainable orchard and vineyard production

Autonomous modular vehicle platform for agriculture automates a variety of tree crop tasks, including intelligent spraying - to improve efficiency and alleviate labor challenges

More than 70% of farmers have already seen large impacts of climate change on their farm, new global research across 8 countries reveals

-Climate impacts estimated to have reduced farmer incomes by 15.7% on average over the past two years -Most pressing short-term challenges dominated by economic uncertainty and cost concerns -Yet 4 in 5 farmers have already taken or plan to take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Revolutionizing Agriculture with Smart Spray Technology: SmartCow's Innovative Solution

The agriculture sector faces unprecedented challenges in the form of climate change, labor shortages, and rising food demand. To address these issues head-on, SmartCow, a leading player in AI engineering, is introducing a groundbreaking smart spray system. This system is designed to transform conventional farming into a more efficient and sustainable practice.

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Precision Farming - Featured Product

Particularly small and cost-effective: Market launch of the uEye XLS cameras

Particularly small and cost-effective: Market launch of the uEye XLS cameras

Image processing opens up a wide range of possibilities for the automation of modern agriculture - but what to do when only a small budget is available? That is where the uEye XLS comes in. With the launch of these super-small industrial cameras, even price-sensitive applications and volume projects become feasible. Measuring just 29 x 29 x 7 mm, the compact cameras offer excellent imaging characteristics without excessive heat generation, making them a perfect fit for embedded vision applications in agricultural machinery and equipment. The industrial cameras comply with the vision standard and are available with Micro-B connectors and with or without C/CS or S-mount lens holders, further increasing their adaptability to different agricultural environments. Thanks to these features, the cameras offered by IDS Imaging Development Systems lower the barriers to entry and make it easier to explore the potential of vision technology to optimize agricultural processes.