Greenest UV Light Pasteurization Comes to U.S. Dairy Industry

Compared to traditional processes, patented technology from Lyras reduces energy use by 90% and water use by more than 60%; results in better quality, more uptime and higher efficiency

AgriWebb Shakes Up the Livestock Industry with AgriWebb Connect, Industry's First Supply Chain Manager, with Blade Farming as Early Adopter

UK's largest integrated beef production farm business, Blade Farming, Joins as Early Adopter

Increase Yield While Reducing Costs and Minimizing the Environmental Footprint

At the core of the Watsons' success has been a proactive approach to seek out and adopt new technologies that support their farming and environmental philosophy.

The VISION Conference 2022 - Voices Driving Change in Agriculture

The only conference convening the strategic leaders advancing interconnected agri-food technology solutions returns in person at a more critical time than ever before.

Brawijaya University develops IoT-based system for melon cultivation

Brawijaya University (UB) has developed an internet of things (IoT)-based system for melon cultivation, currently being implemented at the Agro Techno Park in Malang, East Java. Eka Maulana, a lecturer from the university's Faculty of Engineering, said the "drip irrigation system" is based on the water content in the planting medium.

Motorized Pruning Shears Make Quick Work for Vineyards

Electric shears are connected to the battery which is normally fastened onto the wine growers belt with a short cable while the electrical motors are integrated into the shear's handles and apply the necessary force.

Kirovets tractors to benefit from AI-based autopilot from Cognitive Pilot

Kirovets K-7M agricultural tractors, manufactured by Peterburgsky Traktorny Zavod (PTZ) JSC, will be equipped as standard with the AI-based Cognitive Agro Pilot autonomous driving system from 2022. This is Russia's first production-line OEM contract for autonomous tractors.

Will AI Replace Farmers? Yes, and No

The appeal of farming isn't what it used to be, and fewer people are interested in taking up the profession. Thanks to technology and artificial intelligence, though, the industry can still keep up and yield more and healthier crops and livestock.

Geo Week Conference Program and Speaker Lineup Announced

125+ speakers and 50+ sessions confirmed for the 2022 edition of Geo Week in Denver, CO

Global Animal Partnership Partners With HerdDogg, Launches Dairy Standard

G.A.P.'s new standard will be enhanced by HerdDogg's Animal Traceability Platform™

Empowering Drone Operators to Help Farmers Grow Profits with "Smart Farming" Technology

Aquiline Drones Releases New Online Training Course for Ag Industry

Bayer fuels leading market positions in Crop Science through delivery of unmatched innovation

-Division continues to successfully commercialize its product pipeline in key markets, including -XtendFlex soybeans and SmartStax PRO corn in North America, and Intacta 2 Xtend soybeans in South America -Successful launches demonstrate progress towards mid-term growth targets in Crop Science and strength of the division's innovation, digital transformation and sustainability capabilities

ESDS Launches its digital Agro platform - 'Famrut'

The key objective of Famrut is to assist the farmers to extract maximum yield & thereby revenue from their piece of land by connecting them with relevant stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem. Through Famrut the company aims to deliver farming solutions to the farmers across the nation.

Greeneye Announces Commercial Launch of AI Precision Spraying Technology Proven to Cut Herbicide Use By 78%

- Proprietary AI technology cuts herbicide usage by 78% on average while improving weed control efficacy compared to standard broadcast spraying - Commercial launch takes place in Israel, with roll-out in North America set to follow in early 2022 - First commercial precision spraying system suitable for in-crop (green on green) spraying available in North America

Priva and Octinion combine robotic activities in Kompano: a leading technology company in horticultural robotics

The Dutch technology company Priva and the Belgian R&D group Octinion will merge their horticultural robotic activities under the Kompano flag.

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