Orbia's Precision Agriculture Business, Netafim USA, Helps Companies Meet ESG Goals; 2024 World Ag Expo Exhibit Spotlights Irrigation Solutions That Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Produce Zero Waste

Netafim USA is the only precision irrigation company with an SCS Recycling Program Certified plastics recycling facility and SCS Recycled Content Certified plastic resin pellets - globally recognized third-party certifications.

Building Momentum, PrairieFood Announces New Leadership Following the Launch of Its Groundbreaking Soil Treatment

Veteran agriculture and technology entrepreneurs take the helm at PrairieFood to broadly commercialize a new class of transformative soil health products.

Kansas Farm uses Satellite Connectivity to Be More Productive

Farmers worldwide encounter weak, if not zero connectivity in some or all their land - making it very challenging to complete tasks and causing production delays, especially crucial during planting or harvesting seasons.

Novel Seed Enhancement Tech Makes Deserts Bloom

SaliCrop's seed innovation is bearing fruits of success in tomato cultivation: More yield and flavorful tomatoes

Agriculture Nets market presented a growth of USD 9 billion by 2021

According to Research Study published by Custom Market Insights (CMI), The global agriculture nets market presented a growth of USD 9 billion by 2021 and is expected to hit around USD 15.1 billion by 2030 with a growth rate of 6% by the end of 2030.

Carbon Robotics Introduces New Product Capabilities to Meet Strong Global Demand for LaserWeederâ„¢

AI robotics leader unveils Track LaserWeeder for muck soil, Carbon Ops Center with spatial data metrics for all crops and weeds, and multi-language support for iPad operator app

Energy-efficient milling - Reduce energy costs and improve sustainability through feed mill automation

From pulp and paper to flour and grain, the wider milling industry has seen a shift in priorities. Instead of focusing solely on product production, there is now an increasing emphasis on optimizing operations, minimizing environmental impact, and reducing costs.

Satyukt & Zuari FarmHub unite for Satellite-Powered Precision Farming Excellence!

In essence, the Satyukt and Zuari FarmHub collaboration is not just about technological advancement; it's about driving positive socioeconomic change. By empowering farmers with the means to thrive, this partnership seeks to create a lasting impact, paving the way for a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for the agricultural community.

IMMA Concluded its 4th National Crop Nutrition Summit in Mumbai

This landmark event marked the debut of sophisticated AI-driven drones & digital soil scanning technologies by pioneers heralding a new dawn for farming efficiency and sustainability in India

Odisha FPO Conclave 2024: MoUs signed with 34 Agribusiness Companies to Strengthen Market Ecosystem for FPOs in Odisha

The signing of MoUs with 34 Agribusiness companies aimed at providing crucial marketing support to FPOs in Odisha.

Biotech start-up BugBiome secures investment for pioneering research in sustainable pest protection

BugBiome raises £310k in pre-seed investment from Cambridge Angels and Discovery Park Ventures. Investment enables a £330k Engineering Biology Grant from Innovate UK for cutting-edge agri-tech research leveraging the microbiome and engineering biology approaches.

Beef 'agtech' company Cattler launches interface with Elanco for its Benchmark program

This interface provides Cattler customers with a streamlined access to comparability in these trusted Elanco services and is designed to deliver continuous data to help cattle feeders optimize their practices, paving the way for smarter and more integrated tools and solutions.

Havis, Inc. and Farmwave Pioneer AI Solutions for Harvest Optimization

Farmwave's AI software monitors loss in real-time using strategically positioned cameras, allowing prompt adjustments to optimize efficiency. To address spatial challenges within farm machinery cabs, Havis provides rugged docking solutions tailored for Dell tablets.

NORD Exhibits Rugged, Reliable Solutions at GEAPS EXCHANGE

NORD's modular product line includes industrial gear units with output torques up to 2,495,900 lb-in, electric motors with explosion protection, and an innovative, compact screw conveyor package.

What are the Realistic Expectations for Biopesticides to Replace Synthetics in Commercial Agriculture?

As the spotlight shines on biopesticide development more than ever before, it is important to consider the fact that incorporating these - ideally - ecofriendly methods of pest control encompass more than simply embracing green alternatives.

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Get enhanced vision-powered systems for Auto Farming!

e-con Systems leads the way in Agriculture Automation, leveraging over 20 years of expertise in OEM camera design, development, and manufacturing. e-con's diverse camera range, featuring advanced capabilities and partnerships with leading sensor technology providers like Sony, onsemi, and OmniVision, is tailored for various smart farming applications such as weed detection, bug identification, crop health monitoring, and harvesting automation. The recent addition of e-con's 20MP camera captures tiny details, enhancing efficiency in crop monitoring and automated machinery guidance. e-con cameras offer versatile interfaces, exceptional low-light performance, expert ISP tuning, multi-camera support, HDR, long-distance capabilities, and customizable features, empowering agriculture automation. e-con specializes in providing AI-ready multi-camera solutions for real-time decision-making. e-con Systems has empowered numerous clients in the smart farming industry to develop and deploy futuristic agricultural systems, including agricultural robots, autonomous tractors, and drones. As NVIDIA's Elite partner, e-con Systems revolutionizes agricultural applications with deep learning algorithms for NVIDIA Jetson kits, expediting time-to-market for customers.