Purdue receives $500,000 grant as part of new AI Institute focusing on climate-smart agriculture and forestry

The institute is one of seven new AI Institutes, funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Institute of Food and Agriculture. It is part of a larger federal initiative totaling nearly half a billion dollars to bolster collaborative artificial intelligence research across the country.


The TuberScan system comprises of a bespoke ground penetrating radar (GPR) system, GPS units and in-field and remote sensors, backed up by computer vision and AI, which provide detailed information on potato crop growth characteristics and performance.


FPT Industrial - a pioneer and leader in the development of alternative fuel engines with more than 20 years of experience and over 80,000 Natural Gas engines sold globally to date - will be presenting the complete cycle of biomethane in agriculture at Agrishow 2023. During the trade fair, being held in RibeirĂ£o Preto (SĂ£o Paulo, Brazil) from May 1 to 5, the Brand will also show off a full range of technologies and solutions to implement independent energy production and a carbon-neutral virtuous cycle in agriculture.

BioAg World Congress Honors Alberto Acedo of Biome Makers with Revolutionary Achiever Award 2023

Biome Makers is proud to announce that Dr. Alberto Acedo, Co-founder, and Chief Scientific Officer, has been awarded the Revolutionary Achiever Award 2023 by BioAg World Congress. This award recognizes Dr. Acedo's exceptional contributions to the industry through real innovation and tangible success for agricultural stakeholders.

Agri-robotics - the Smart Future of Agriculture

Seeds are individually and precisely placed; fruits carefully picked by mechanical grippers; fertilizers and plant products applied in small doses in a targeted manner. These operations require a large number of small electric motors that are both robust and powerful.

AgTech sensor startup EnGeniousAg wins $1 million award from the National Science Foundation

The EnGeniousAg in-field nitrogen sensors enable farmers to measure nitrogen levels in their crops in as little as 3 seconds. A video of EnGeniousAg sensors in action can be viewed at https://youtu.be/tldqOqwb35o.

Tidal Grow® AgriScience Integrates Biology and Chemistry to Fundamentally Change the Future of Agriculture

Launching out of stealth with new technologies to solve agriculture's greatest challenges, they have redefined the crop input equation

Making biological crop amendments the new normal

A biological, alternative crop amendment identifies a plant's natural resistance to environmental stressors such as pests and weather, and amplifies that quality to create an environmentally friendly substitute for synthetic products.

New family member for the medium power range

New family member for the medium power range up to approx. 100 W: The compact dimensions of the MC3603 make it especially suitable for integration in equipment manufacturing and medical technology applications.

Full Harvest Reduces Food Waste Faster by Expanding Supply Chain Digitization to All Produce Grades

Adds USDA Grade 1 Produce to Become Leading Online Marketplace Serving Entire Produce Market for Commercial Buyers and Sellers

SeedLink Teams Up With Meristem Crop Performance

"Meristem is bringing cutting-edge innovative technology...and we want our farmers to benefit from it."

XAG Drone Eyes Widespread Use in Vietnam's Banana and Durian Farming

Farm Krong Pack turns to the XAG P100 drone, which can adjust droplet size to different micron level, together with the RTK centimeter-level navigation system to achieve precision spraying. The application of drone helped reduce 80% water, 70% pesticide, and 60% fertilizer.

Intersolar Europe: Agrivoltaics - Harvesting Solar Power

The session "Agricultural PV in France and Germany: Potential, Business Models and Best Practice" on June 15 at 3:20pm CEST at the Intersolar Forum will be presenting an extensive overview of solutions and applications that already work.

6 Types of Greenhouse Poly Film Coverings

Every grower strives to produce the best crop they can while keeping production costs to a minimum. The covering overhead is a major component, and when extras are added - anti-condensate, thermal capabilities, or bee compatibility - grower costs start to rise.

How to Ensure Freshness from Farm to Fork

With advancements in supply chain resources and quality control measures, the AgTech industry has the potential to revolutionize how we think about fresh produce.

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Precision Farming - Featured Product

E+E Elektronik - Agricultural Monitoring Products

E+E Elektronik - Agricultural Monitoring Products

Lowering of energy costs, acceleration of growth and extension of the possible storekeeping duration can be optimised by the precise measurement of humidity, CO2-content and temperature. Optimum basic conditions for animals and plants ensure best agricultural products. As different applications demand various adopted solutions for optimization of agricultural processes, E+E Elektronik provides a broad portfolio of agricultural monitoring products