Robotics Engineers Work to 'Bee' Part of the Climate Change Solution

The current prototype is a small, 3D-printed black plastic cube that's outfitted with four 2.5-inch propellors, a powerful camera, and a rechargeable lithium battery.

Ag Tech Startup Doktar Secures Investment Led by Diffusion Capital Partners

Established in 2017 by Tanzer Bilgen and Selim Uçer, Doktar develops Internet of Things-based hardware for monitoring crucial agricultural factors like soil quality, air conditions, light levels, plant growth, and pest development. Providing a platform that empowers farmers, food companies, and public institutions to make data-driven decisions, Doktar leverages cloud-based artificial intelligence algorithms that connect to external data sources, such as satellites and radar systems.

Geo Week Announces Sneak Peek of 2024 Keynote Lineup

Presentations navigate future innovations and geospatial for good with speakers from Bentley Systems, ESRI, Stantec, and Skender

Environmental protection and energy efficiency: rubber tracks for sustainable agriculture

Farmers additionally face the challenge of tractors and other towing vehicles with conventional wheels getting stuck or not being able to work the soil at all, especially in difficult soil conditions in the spring and autumn.

Mobile "Smart Cart" Automates Food Conveyor CIP for Animal Feed Manufacturers

For an automated, wet Clean-in-Place process, animal feed manufacturers can push a cart with pre-programmed recipes and integrated water line hookups to tubular drag conveyors, facilitating quick sanitary compliance and production changeover

The role of FPOs in promoting gender equality in agriculture

Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) play a vital role in building women in agriculture. They provide a platform for women farmers to come together, collectivize their produce, and access better markets, inputs, and financial services.

Nano-Yield® Introduces NanoCote™: A Revolutionary Nanotechnology for Granular Fertilizers

NanoCote Core is the first product engineered to complement existing fertilizers, elevating the performance of the granular fertilizer industry to new heights.

The Benefits of an Aerial Perspective - How Drones are Transforming the Agricultural Industry

In this new age of agriculture, drones are not just tools for surveying; they are the vanguard of a farming evolution, rewriting the rulebook on efficiency and sustainability from an uplifting vantage point.

ZAPI GROUP Showcases Advanced Solutions to Electrify the Agricultural Sector

Exhibiting at AGRITECHNICA 2023, the leading trade fair for agricultural machinery

Sowing Seeds of Diversity: Enriching Commercial Agriculture Through Inclusion

We've decided to discuss why and how diversity and inclusion will be instrumental in steering the commercial agriculture sector towards a flourishing future.

Forever Feed Technologies and JR Automation Partner to Manufacture Climate Technology for On-farm Feed Mills for Dairy and Beef Producers

Forever Feed Technologies has selected JR Automation, a global leader in advanced automated manufacturing, to build climate positive indoor feed mills designed by FFT that will dramatically save water and reduce carbon emissions.

Enhancing Resilience of Smallholder Farmers against Climate Change - Can Parametric Agricultural Insurance Make a Difference

To enhance the resilience of smallholder farmers against climate change, innovative solutions are urgently needed. One such solution is parametric agricultural insurance, a financial tool that has the potential to make a significant difference.

The Potential for Renewable Energy in Vertical Farming

Given the many advantages of vertical farming, and the growing advancement, the market for vertical farming is projected to grow from $4.16 billion in 2022 to $20.91 billion by 2029.

Trimble Introduces Integrated Precise Point Positioning as a Subscription for Agriculture Applications

As the First Manufacturer to Enable Always-On Positioning, Trimble Provides Convenient and Cost-Effective Accuracy Near Two Centimeters with CenterPoint RTX Corrections

Agri-Analytics and Food Security: Navigating Challenges in a Growing World

The key driver of growth in the agriculture analytics market is the increasing government initiatives aimed at deploying improved agricultural techniques. The volumes of data generated by the agriculture sector are rising steeply.

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Do you have an AgriTech product ready for manufacturing?

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