ONDO receives the Innovative Startup Grand award in a contest taking place under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria

ONDO Smart Farming Solutions has been granted the Grand award for Innovative Startup of Year 2020 in the prestigious Bulgarian contest 'Innovative Enterprise of the Year'.

Readers Choice 2020: 5G Is Coming to Agriculture

5G speeds surpass wireline network speeds and offer latency of 1 millisecond or lower, which is advantageous for applications that require real-time feedback. 5G will facilitate an increase in the amount of data transmitted over wireless systems.

Electric Tractors Come to Oregon

An innovative pilot project introducing electric tractors as a more efficient and cost-effective way to farm.

Foundation Farms Corp. To Shake Up Vertical Farming Industry By Implementing Cavitation Technology Into Its Vertical Farms With Its E-ROOTS Process.

This process incorporates patented hydrodynamic and ultrasonic cavitation equipment as the core technology along with air injection to enhance crop production through natural root stimulation techniques.

Agricultural Robots Market Size Worth $19,378.5 Million By 2026 - Research Report

The leading players in the Agricultural Robots market are introducing advanced products to cater to the growing demand of consumers. Agrobot SW 6010 is a harvester robot used for fruit picking and sorting. The Hortibot is a self-propelled robotic system.

Agri-TechE events for 2021

Agri-TechE is facilitating the growth of the agri-tech ecosystem by bringing together people from different spheres that may not otherwise have met. Speakers at its events include a mixture of farmers, technologists and scientists who explore challenges and consider solutions from different perspectives. More information can be found at agri-tech-e.co.uk.

So, You Want to be a Farmer

But, if you are set on becoming a farmer, there are many schools to attend and courses that you can take. There is no degree necessary to start plowing, but it would be beneficial to have a knowledge of the industry.


Towards the use of BioControl agents Global 24 hour virtual event | 7 and 8 April 2021


-The future of agriculture starts here -Global 24 hour virtual event | 16 and 17 February 2021

Technology can play crucial role in raising agricultural productivity and reduce poverty and hunger

Pinduoduo's Smart Agriculture Competition took place over four months and pitted data scientists against top strawberry growers. Technology teams produced 196% more strawberries by weight on average compared with traditional farmers in greenhouses. Technology teams also outperformed farmers in return on investment by an average of 75.5%.

Granular Releases Free and Easy Web-Based Crop Rotation ROI Calculator to Help U.S. Farmers with 2021 Planting Decisions

Corn has been king for many farmers the past five years, but based on more than 10M of acres of data and market rallies, are the tides shifting?

Raven Industries Releases New Connectivity Tool for Ag Operations

Virtual Thumb Drive™ through Raven's CRx™ Field Computers Seamlessly Syncs Information Between the Office and Field

Taking precision farming to the next level

Kleffmann Digital RS and exatrek agree on partnership for development and sales

Digital Farming in Organic Agriculture

In 2015, the Government of India had inaugurated the Digital India Movement to transition India's public service sector into the digital front. Farming is a colossal work vertical with a GDP portion of 14% and holds a vital spot in this mission for digitization.


Agri-TechE presents "Keeping it clean with agri-tech innovation" 19th January 2021

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Compressed Air Open Blowing White Paper

Compressed Air Open Blowing White Paper

Compressed air is a limited resource that is generated in-house for the benefit of many operations within the manufacturing environment. Learn how to ensure all point of use applications are using your compressed air in the most effective and efficient way possible. Learn how much it costs to produce that compressed air and how Engineered Nozzles can help you use your air more effectively and efficiently.