ONDO Smart Farming sharing first customer results in a case study for Roseland customer

ONDO Smart Farming Solutions - an agritech startup providing advanced precision farming solutions - has shared the results achieved by one of their customers, for their first year of using ONDO Smart Farming technology.

5 Challenges For Precision Agriculture To Face

The possibilities offered for agriculture by new technologies, big data and the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) makes precision agriculture a market that's sure to grow over the coming years.

"AI strawberries" are just the beginning for remaking agriculture

Pinduoduo's Smart Agri Competition is exploring how artificial intelligence could replace low-value manual labor, especially in countries where the farming workforce is dwindling and aging.

Use of a Technology ERP Platform to ease the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Export Process in India

The fresh food market has seen rapid development. Although digitalization has eliminated different hindrances and disentangled the way toward ordering produce from any corner of the world, exporting these items is still an arduous errand.

Naïo Technologies reveals the new version of its Ted robot for working in the vineyards

A new and improved robotic experience: Naïo's back-to-school surprise is the new version of its vineyard robot, Ted. Ted's appearance has changed, but most importantly, this new version has undergone several technological and mechanical improvements in response to in-field requirements expressed by wine-growers.

FarmERP paving the way for a Smart Farmer

FarmERP helps contract farming businesses to initiate the digital alteration of their operations with regards to contract management and agriculture supply chain management.

Leaf Raises $2M to Scale Unified Farm Data API

API enables software developers to easily build products with farm data and create value for farmers, consumers, and agribusinesses

CropX and Reinke Partner to Advance Irrigation Technology

The companies share more than 80 years of combined experience and a common goal of bringing tech to farming. Their integrated platform will be available to growers in more than 40 countries, potentially covering hundreds of thousands of acres.

Valoya Launches Two New Greenhouse LED Grow Lights

Valoya's LED technology is proprietary and great efforts have been taken to create LED luminaires that last long and sustain the same light spectrum over their entire lifetime.

Farm Science Review 2020

For the first time, the Ohio State University's Farm Science Review, scheduled for September 22 to 24, will be a virtual show. The farm show, sponsored by Ohio State's College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences would normally have over 100,000 attendees.


Agri-TechE webinar discusses options for livestock, cropping and carbon capture

JLT Mobile Computers launches 10-inch rugged Android VMT to fit into tight vehicle cabins

JLT's new RISC-based VM3010A computer brings the efficiency advantages of Android to a rugged vehicle-mount form factor and is ideal for use in harsh environments such as agriculture, transportation and warehousing

PureAcre Crops Up to Advance Nutrient Management Products

Texas-based start-up gives growers better outputs while protecting the environment

aPriori's Cost Insight Generate Empowers AGCO's Sustainable Ag Solutions

Automated Manufacturing Simulation & Product Costing Connected to PLM

Implementing AI Data for Pest Management

You can place our sensors in your field when the insects arrive, the sensors can figure out what type of insect it is. If it is a beneficial or neutral insect, it does nothing. However, if it is a bad bug aka pest, it sends the information to the cloud.

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