Driving a Revolution in Irish Agriculture - Micromotors Power Efficient and Sustainable Farming

Not only is Ireland at the forefront of technology development, but also its adoption. The Ifac Irish Farm Report 2022 reveals that over 80 per cent of Irish farmers now use some form of AgriTech to accelerate operations.

The World of Future Farming and Artificial Intelligence

The marriage of AI and agriculture is real and it is promising. Now, more than ever, it appears that the future of farming may well lie in artificial intelligence technologies.

ADM, Farmers Business Network to Expand Sustainable AgTech Platform

Companies will work together to offer FBN's Gradable® - a comprehensive digital platform offering farm business management and sustainability data collection solutions - to 55,000 producers across North America

Biome Makers hosts webinar with WISH-ROOTS Consortium, Wheat Roots in Soil Health

Join Biome Makers for a free webinar, Wheat Roots in Soil Health, next Wednesday, July 27th at 9 AM (EST) and 3 PM (CET).

Valley® Irrigation Announces Completion of Company's First North American Ag Solar Installation in Partnership with Farmers National Company

The installation, which is located in south-central Nebraska on a farm managed by Farmers National Company, will provide sustainable power to the landowner by efficiently converting the sun's rays to clean energy.

How AI Driven Pest Monitoring Can Benefit Organic Farmers

When it comes to certified organic systems, pest monitoring and management is paramount to a successful operation. Unlike traditional farms that have access to a bevy of specialized pesticides that can typically be utilized as needed, organic farmers aren't so fortunate.

Controlled Environment Agriculture: A Fertile Landscape for Robot Suppliers

A number of vendors were displaying robotic solutions at Greentech this year. These solutions ranged from newly introduced mobile harvesting robots, to more traditional stationary robots used for processes like transplanting, grading, and sorting.

During Smart Irrigation Month, CODA Farm Technologies Unveils Its New Third-Generation FarmHQ® Device for Remote Monitoring and Control for Irrigation Reels and Pumps

-Newest Device Automating Hard-Hose Reels and Pumps Now Available for Purchase in North America; Provides Enhanced Cellular Connectivity, Waterproofing, Integrated Backup Battery, and Magnetic Mounting for Even Easier Installation by Farmers -With One Easy Upgrade to Sprinkler Reels and Pumps, FarmHQ Provides Huge Savings to Farm Operations, Cuts Down on Stress for Farmers and Their Crews

Martin Lishman Collaborates With Manterra To Produce A Fully Autonomous Unmanned GPS Sprayer

In a world of self-driving tractors, cars and even lawnmowers, the call for the precision and reliability of GPS controlled vehicles is sweeping across all industries.

AquaSpy, Intelinair Join Global Ag Tech Initiative Alliance North America

The Global Ag Tech Initiative Alliance® - North America, led by Meister Media Worldwide's Global Ag Tech Initiative, is delighted to announce the addition of two new members in AquaSpy® and Intelinair®.

Allied Vision extends its Alvium camera portfolio with two new GigE camera series powered by ALVIUM Technology

The models cover a broad spectral range including UV, visible light, NIR, and SWIR. With superior image quality through FPNC, DPC, Active Sensor Alignment, and industrial standard hardware, both Alvium G1 and Alvium G5 cameras provide future-proof reliability for vision applications. The new series increase the flexibility of the Alvium platform concept and offer the user even more options to choose from.


HarvestEye is patented technology that fits to existing harvesting or grading equipment, providing timely insights on root crops as they are lifted. HarvestEye is a cost-efficient method to achieve targeted agronomic performance, whereby whole-field variation data is reported on an online portal.

The Potential for Using Smartphones for Soil Nutrient Testing

Healthy soil functions as a living organism and is incredibly complex. Details like soil pH, moisture content and mycorrhizae levels affect how plants grow. Many farmers use soil tests to help them understand what's going on underground and supplement their crops.

Inaugural Indigo Credit Issuance Unlocks Farmer Access to Multi-Billion Dollar Voluntary Carbon Market

-Industry leading carbon farming program provides new global revenue stream for farmers and an immediately accessible, scalable nature-based solution to climate change; -Latest buyer purchase commitments at $40/credit demonstrate upward price trajectory reflecting growing corporate demand for credible options to meet net-zero emission targets; -Potential size of the voluntary carbon credit market estimated to be $50 billion by 2030

Solectrac Partners With Nolan Manufacturing to Meet Increasing Electric Tractor Demands

-This 10,000-square-foot facility in North Carolina allows Solectrac to scale operations as it continues to expand its nationwide dealer network. -Nolan manufacturing will produce Solectrac's e25 electric tractors with additional models slated for future production.

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Precision Farming - Featured Product

Smart Farming based on image data

Smart Farming based on image data

Artificial intelligence makes image processing tasks possible that were previously either unthinkable or only feasible with great effort. These include the recognition of strongly varying organic shapes, the localization of randomly distributed objects in complex images and the recognition of anomalies that go beyond the deviations normally to be expected - and thus describable in rule-based image processing. AI Vision therefore opens up completely new application possibilities for imaging systems. The philosophy of the AI Vision system IDS NXT is, on the one hand, to fully utilize the potential of artificial intelligence and, on the other hand, to lower the entry barriers for the use of the new technology and thereby actively drive its dissemination in the market. This is why IDS offers the complete AI toolchain in addition to the camera, so that users can tackle their challenges without any lead time and with little prior knowledge. For customers, this means not only new application scenarios and workload reduction, but also faster market access and competitive advantages.