Great Western Industrial Park Brings the Future of Agriculture to Northern Colorado

Phase one of the New York-based, indoor farming pioneer's project will house a 150,000 square foot state-of-the-art climate-controlled, high-tech hydroponic greenhouse facility.

Data-driven Platform to Maximize Orchard Efficiency

MapMyApple collects data from the user's orchard, runs it through the algorithms and the advanced disease models, determines if there is a need to spray, chooses the right product, and schedules a spraying activity for the selected block.

Risk of E. Coli in Hydroponic and Aquaponic Systems May Be Greater Than Once Thought

It's been thought that hydroponic and aquaponic systems could reduce these issues since there is little opportunity for pathogens like E. coli to contaminate the edible parts of plants.

Eco Convergence Group Launches World's First HyCube™ Hydroponic Production System at Orlando World Center Marriott

Innovative technology and structure changes how produce will be sourced by hotels and restaurants.

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New 3D camera from IDS also delivers RGB images

New 3D camera from IDS also delivers RGB images

The rapid development of robotics has led to an increasing demand for 3D camera technologies in recent years. The reason is the decisive role they play in improving the performance and versatility of robots. However, many of these applications require more sophisticated solutions that deliver much more than just depth information of the environment. The new compact Ensenso C camera from IDS Imaging Development Systems combines a wide range of functions and features to capture and interpret 3D data more efficiently and accurately. With an additional and fully integrated RGB camera, the new Ensenso C now also allows to capture 2D color images. This extends the camera's range of applications when not only a 3D point cloud but also a color image is needed to solve a task. This could be AI-based image analyses, for example, for which these images are required. Its compact housing is completely enclosed and complies with protection class IP65/67. This reliably protects the camera from environmental influences and vibrations. In addition, Ensenso C is delivered pre-configured and is therefore ready for use.