The Growth of Vertical Growing

Several companies have proven they can successfully grow various crops indoors with exceptional yields, but few of them are operating with a positive cash flow without continued investments.

Trends for the CEA Industry: What's in Store?

The prospects for 2023 are likely to call for the adoption of a strategy shift by indoor growers, one which will involve minimising costs by scaling down their business models to focus more on profitability.

Cooling a Greenhouse: Everything You Need to Know to Beat the Heat

Whether it's outfitting a brand new structure or upgrading an existing one, cooling a greenhouse efficiently requires the right mixture of airflow, cooling power and shading.

Harnessing the Power of Light Intensity and Spectrum for Propagation and Cut Flower Production

This business case will expound on the results of dynamic LED lighting in propagation and cut flower production. It will highlight its impact on various plant characteristics and the proven effectiveness of Sollum's 100% programmable LED grow light solution in greenhouses.

IUNU Releases 2023 State of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Report

The 2023 report focuses on three major CEA segments: leafy greens, tomatoes, and ornamentals. It highlights opportunities for technology, labor challenges, expansion and related market conditions, and more.

Freight Farms Partners With Local Line to Support Farm Businesses and the Growth of the Local Food Industry

The platform's features - which include price lists for different customer segments, inventory management, invoicing, and payments - are built to help current farmers grow their operations and new farmers get their businesses off the ground.

EGO Announces New Partnership with John Deere to Drive Innovation in the Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) Industry

HONG KONG, July 5, 2023 - (ACN Newswire) - Chervon Holdings Limited (2285.HK) recently announced a strategic agreement with John Deere. This enables EGO branded battery products to be sold through John Deere dealers, and both parties will also collaborate on developing new products in the future.

The Farm Club by Agrician - Urban Farming "Magic"

In the fast-paced concrete jungle of Hong Kong, vertical farms and urban farms are sprouting up, bringing renewed energy to the agricultural landscape and a burst of green to unexpected places.

Vertical Farming- Latest Technology and Trends

A method of cultivating crops on a vertically tilted surface in an urban environment is known as vertical farming. Crops are grown vertically in stacks rather than in a single layer across a wide area of land. In contrast to traditional farming, vertical farming uses technologies to create an artificial environment inside a facility that enables plants to grow quickly and with high nutritional value. The market for vertical farming is expanding due to its requirement for minimal resources such as land, water, and labor, as well as its ability to sustain annual crop production irrespective of weather conditions. Additionally, the rising demand for organic food is also contributing to this growth.

Controlled Environment Agriculture Summit East Conference Announces Graduate Student Poster Competition

The Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Summit East Conference will host a graduate student poster competition during its 2nd annual edition, September 19-20, 2023, at the Institute for Advanced Learning & Research (IALR) Conference Center in Danville, Virginia.

Bedrock and Vertical Harvest to Bolster Detroit's Local Food System with New Proposed Vertical Farming Infrastructure

The all-electric vertical farm aligns with Bedrock's commitment to a sustainable Detroit. It is expected to run on clean energy and use up to 95 percent less water as compared to traditional farming methods.

LED Grow Lights: The Best Start for Seedlings

How important is it for tender new seedlings to germinate under a grow light? Plants typically grow faster, taller and denser with consistent illumination - but not all light bulbs nurture your plants equally.

Vindara targets growth in vertical farming industry

Founded in 2018, Vindara is the first company to develop seeds specifically designed for use in vertical indoor farm environments as well as other controlled environment agriculture (CEA) farming methods.

NatureSweet® Becomes World's Largest Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Company to Achieve B Corp Certification

Greenhouse-Grown Produce Company Recognized for Sustainability Efforts and Community Initiatives that are Transforming the Agricultural Industry

Cultivating Resilience: The Importance of Indoor Farming Technology in a Changing World

In an era marked by increasing environmental challenges, the CEA industry has emerged as a beacon of hope. With traditional agriculture facing obstacles ranging from climate change to rising costs, indoor farming has been presented as one of the key solutions. While some companies have encountered setbacks and even bankruptcy, it is crucial to recognize the long-term benefits and indispensability of CEA for the future of our food production systems. Traditional agriculture has long been the backbone of our food supply, but relying solely on it is no longer viable in the face of numerous challenges. To overcome the obstacles, we must supplement traditional methods with indoor farming. By doing so, we create a resilient system that can withstand and adapt to these evolving challenges.

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Indoor & Vertical Farming - Featured Product

RAYN Growing Systems Fotono LED Luminaire

RAYN Growing Systems Fotono LED Luminaire

Fotono is a full spectrum LED horticultural luminaire designed to directly replace HPS lights in greenhouses. At 12 pounds, 20 inches long, and 5 inches high, Fotono's compact size makes installation simple while minimizing structural burden on greenhouses. This compact fixture packs energy-saving and yield-improving features, such as a high output, stepless dimming, advanced spectral capabilities, and more.