How to increase your efficiency with Machine Vision

Today's agriculture is facing an increasing number of challenges - high production and labor cost despite the lack of skilled workers is only one out of many. To face these challenges, machine vision has become an integral part of many applications used in agriculture.

Trimble Launches Virtual Farm, an Interactive Online Experience Designed to Help Farmers Find the Right Precision Ag Solutions for their Operations

In this new online tool, users walk through a digital farm and identify common challenges they encounter on a day-to-day basis. From there, farmers are directed to Trimble's easy-to-use, connected solutions for each challenge and connected with a Trimble Ag representative to identify the best solution for their farm.

Users of John Deere Operations Center™ Can Integrate Their Data With FarmCommand Platform From Farmers Edge

Any Operations Center user can opt in to seamlessly link their data to FarmCommand, a platform that integrates information from a wide range of sources - including mixed-fleet equipment, satellite imagery, weather stations, and more - to give farmers and their trusted advisors the powerful analytics they need to support critical management decisions that drive yields and profits.

Better Space Data To Reduce Canada's Agricultural Environmental Impact

Wyvern, a Canadian satellite company, receives CAD $4M in funding from the SDTC to reduce domestic agriculture emissions

Farmers Edge Inc. Launches DigiAg Risk Management (US), LLC Subsidiary

DigiAg US will work alongside trusted agents and insurers to create high-tech parametric insurance products and unique risk transfer solutions for American farmers

Russian Farm Explores Use of XAG Agricultural Drones to Boost Rice Yield

In the South of Russia, XAG's agricultural drone has been introduced to the full cycle of rice cultivation. It brings new hope to farmers as the use of drone demonstrates the potential to reduce the cost of rice production.

Carbon Robotics Unveils New LaserWeeder with 30 Lasers to Autonomously Eradicate Weeds

The tractor-towed weeding implement fits in seamlessly with existing farming infrastructure

Netafim USA Launches Its New AlphaDisc™ Filter in the U.S. at the World Ag Expo

Precision Irrigation Leader's Innovative Irrigation Filter Protects Systems Against Clogging, Features Hyper Modular Design and a Smart Controller

The Next Generation of Agricultural Robots

We are moving to a world where robots need to make intelligent decisions about what to do based on what they see. Hence the need for machine learning, vision and AI.

Semtech Announces Integration of LoRaWAN® in ICT International's Oyster Farming Solution

Mounted on buoys, ICT International's Estuary Sensor Platform utilizes Semtech's LoRa® devices to monitor oyster health

Robot Solution for Automating the Lettuce Harvest

The lettuce's outer, or 'wrapper', leaves will be mechanically removed to expose the stem. Machine vision and artificial intelligence are then used to identify a precise cut point on the stem to neatly separate the head of lettuce.

Redefining Agricultural Insurance Tools

The BEACON project is coming to an end, but its results will go on!

Brand new Orio ag. robot from Naïo Technologies selected among Top 10 New Products at World Ag Expo 2022

Naïo Technologies, the leader in autonomous Ag robots, has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and 60,000 hours of operations under real world conditions. With US headquarters located in Salinas (CA), Naïo Technologies has been operating agricultural robots in North America since 2019.

HerdX® Unveils RFID Livestock Tracking Solution Tailored to Independent Cattle Producers

HerdX, Inc., an agri-tech company based in Texas, unveiled an RFID-enabled livestock herd management tracking solution engineered specifically for cow/calf producers, stockers and feedlot operators. The HerdX® system, called HerdView™, is currently being demo'd at the 2022 NCBA Trade Show in Houston through February 3rd.

Raven Introduces DuraCinch™ Strapping System for Grain Storage

Advanced strapping system secures grain covers, provides long-lasting protection against wind and weather

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Precision Farming - Featured Product

IDS NXT ocean: grab, label, train, run AI

IDS NXT ocean: grab, label, train, run AI

Artificial intelligence can be used, for example, to classify fruit varieties or to identify damaged parts, e.g. apples with marks or color deviations. To cover all possible variances with classical image processing would be very time-consuming and costly. With artificial intelligence, however, these challenges can be solved in no time at all. IDS NXT ocean is a user-friendly all-one-one system which requires neither special knowledge in deep learning nor camera programming. Only sample images and knowledge on how to evaluate them (e.g. "good apples" / "bad apples") are needed. This makes the start into AI-based image processing particularly easy. Camera hardware, software, infrastructure and support come from a single company. For beginners, IDS offer the IDS NXT ocean Creative Kit, which includes all components and workflows to create, train and run a neural net.