New Company,, Introduces All-in-One Universal Climate Control Utility System to Agribusinesses by Enhancing Plant Growing Conditions

Company intends to launch first five pilot programs within the U.S. in 2021

API helps Myfarm - an agri-tech farming platform to drive innovation in customer experience

MyFarm farming platform enhanced with API-led connectivity and end-to-end integration

Pinduoduo is aiming to be the world's largest grocer

Pinduoduo is a mobile-only marketplace that connects millions of agricultural producers with consumers across China. Pinduoduo aims to bring more businesses and people into the digital economy so that local communities can benefit from the increased productivity and convenience through new market opportunities. For more information on Pinduoduo news and industry trends, please visit the content hub at

Autonomous Orchard Sprayer - A Game-Changing Solution for the Ag Industry

GUSS Automation's autonomous orchard sprayer has brought advanced technology and farming together to change the direction of the agriculture industry. With GUSS, farmers are now able to increase efficiency and precision as well as keep their crews safer than ever before.

New IoT Soil Moisture Sensor by Monnit for Smart Agriculture

The innovative Soil Moisture Sensor helps farmers, commercial growers, and greenhouse managers connect their precision irrigation operations to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Automated Monitoring and Control for Water Purification and Storage System

With funding from the Tennessee Valley Authority, Watt Bar Utility District (WBUD) needed to streamline automation of its 32 tank and pump stations. System integrator Quality Controls LLC decided to use PLC, HMI, and SCADA products from CIMON to automate these facilities.

Agricultural Biotechnology Influencing The Health And Welfare of Farmer In the Developing World

Increasing need for new breeding techniques is the key factor driving market growth. Biotechnology tools are significantly gaining popularity across agricultural applications.

Bioceres Crop Solutions Acquires Stake in Moolec Science and Enters Fast Growing Alternative Food Market

-New Initiative Positions Bioceres With Emerging Developers of Food Technologies for Alternative Proteins and Oils -6% Stake in Exchange for GLA Safflower Oil Intellectual Property Rights Acquired in November 2020 -GLA IP Complements Moolec's Existing Technologies, Improving Competitiveness of Safflower Molecular Farming Platform

Ag Technology Promoting Livestock Health

As the world advances in technology, almost every job has had to acclimate, including the livestock industry. Once an off-the-grid profession, agriculture is now fully immersed in what the Internet of Things (IoT) has to offer.

Light Science Technologies pioneers perfect growing recipe with 'world first' in-house laboratory

Light Science Technologies (LST), one of the UK's leading AgriTech firms, has opened its new, state-of-the-art in-house laboratory as it aims to revolutionise indoor farming by helping growers create the perfect plant recipe.

Nordetect raises €1.2m seed round from Rockstart, Luminate NY, SOSV, PreSeed Ventures and Vækstfonden

The Copenhagen based agritech startup helps farmers, agronomists and indoor growers optimize the use of chemistry for a sustainable green revolution

Glenwood Valley Farms and Fluence Partner for LED Implementation, Driving Increased Crop Yields and Greater Energy Efficiency

LED installation enables Glenwood Valley Farms to increase light intensity without raising overall facility temperature

Indoor Ag-Con Heads To Orlando In October 2021

With safety in mind, the Indoor Ag-Con management team has pushed the dates for its previously announced May 2021 agriculture trade show and conference for the indoor and vertical farming industry to October 4-5, 2021. In addition to the date shift, Indoor Ag-Con will also move from its former Las Vegas location to the Hilton Orlando in Florida for 2021, with plans to return to Las Vegas and co-locate with the National Grocers Association | NGA Show in 2022.

Advancements in Precision Agricultural Insights

In five to 10 years we will see more aerial and ground robots operating alongside the farmers. And farmers will be able to proactively manage their farms using modern AI capabilities and generate better yields and profits-with optimum sustainability.

Mobile Robots in Agriculture Market By Type, By Application, By Country, and Manufacture - Industry Segment, Competition Scenario and Forecast by 2030

The global mobile robots in agriculture market is anticipated to gain exponential industry growth over the given forecast period of 2020-2030, with a projected value of US$ XX Mn, from US$ XX Mn in 2020, indexing a CAGR of XX by the end of the aforementioned timeline

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Dynatect Automated Machine Safety Roll-Up Doors

Dynatect Automated Machine Safety Roll-Up Doors

Need to increase safety? Are you using light curtains? Is space a concern? Dynatect's Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door combines safety technology, speed, and a physical barrier to isolate hazardous operations. Use of a physical barrier with safety sensors can save up to 30 square feet of manufacturing space. Using the ANSI minimum safety distance formula, the Gortite® VF Door limits the depth penetration factor and average approach speed, allowing closer location of the safeguarding device. Unlike light curtains, which can't contain process hazards, an automated machine safety door can isolate common workplace debris. This physical barrier is designed to contain process driven hazards such as weld sparks, UV flash, and light debris. Thus, the operator can maintain closer proximity to the work area improving ergonomics and productivity.