Cultivation Warehouse Expands Energy Savings Services

Eligible California Clients Can Join FLEXmarket™

Rehabilitation via vertical farming trialled for the first time in UK prisons

For the first time in the UK, vertical farming will be trialled in a prison setting as part of a strategy to aid rehabilitation by empowering prisoners and helping them develop new skills to reintegrate back into society.

North Star Agriculture: Newest Partner of Harvest Today in the Yukon

According to William Aitken, Director of Operations of Harvest Today-Canada, "The passion that drives Sonny and Joel to deliver food security initiatives to the people of the North is what really connected Harvest Today and North Star Agriculture. We are in admiration of their countless achievements they have accomplished. To be able to work alongside such innovative pioneers is a true honor and privilege for Harvest Today Canada."

Six Key Factors Driving Consumer-Mandated Supply Chain Transparency

With consumers increasing the need for food supply chain transparency, we dive into six key factors driving these demands.

IoT in Agriculture Market Size USD 28.56 Billion by 2030

The global iot in agriculture market size is projected to reach US$ 28.56 billion by the end of the year 2030 at a steady CAGR of 9.62% from 2022 to 2030.

GrowSpan Builds Arkansas's Fifth Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility

GrowSpan has played a major role in the expansion of cannabis grow facilities. The company recently finished a project in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Vertical Farming: Location a Key Factor to Success, Says IDTechEx

While growing crops in the center of a city may seem ideal, the reality is that this may be counterproductive. Obtaining and maintaining such a location is expensive and can contribute significantly to the operating expenditure of a vertical farm.

Lifeasible Provides Detoxification Services for Various Plant Samples

Lifeasible, a biotechnology company that provides overall solutions and personalized technical services to researchers in the field of plant science, now provides detoxification services for a variety of plant samples to customers worldwide.

Emerging Technologies for Ag Input Manufacturers from Development to Commercialization

Biome Makers, a global AgTech leader in soil health analysis, publishes a new educational eBook to explain how technology can support each part of the development and commercialization process in the ag input industry, Bugs in Jugs, or a Generational Opportunity? Emerging Technologies for Ag Input Manufacturers from Development to Commercialization. Companies featured include Aphea Bio, 3Bar Technologies, Lavie Bio, Boost Biomes, FarmQA, and more.

Modular Hydroponic Farms like GrowPods Can Offer Security in Recessions

New study finds Ag sector has beaten S&P 500 by over 24% in previous recessions

TELUS Agriculture expands its scope, becoming TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods

Evolving to better transform and benefit the larger value chain, from producers to consumers

OASIS Grower Solutions Unveils New Packaging for One-Bag Hydroponic Fertilizer Solution

"We're not only excited about how effective our hydroponic fertilizer is," states Bill Riffey, Global Director of OASIS Grower Solutions, "we're also thrilled to introduce the new packaging that streamlines the product information and more accurately aligns with our brand aesthetic."

Warren Controls Highlights 313 Overflow Trap

Trap steam and relieve deaerator condensate with overflow feature

Agriculture IoT: The Future of Farming!

Global agriculture IoT market will reach $63.68 billion by 2030, growing by 14.1% owing to emerging technological advancements and increasing number of government initiatives for IoT applications in agriculture.

Challenges Facing the Dairy Industry

The economic upheaval in the past few years has facilitated significant change across many industries, and dairy producers are some who are feeling these changes. Challenges affecting the dairy industry range from increased demand for plant-based food, to growing awareness of large dairy producers' impact on the environment.

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Innovative SWIR camera for UAV based spectral remote sensing

Innovative SWIR camera for UAV based spectral remote sensing

Allied Vision's compact and light weight Alvium SWIR (short wave infrared) cameras are the ideal choice to build cost-effective OEM systems used in embedded and machine vision applications. The cameras support a spectral range from 400 nm to 1700 nm at high quantum efficiencies. This allows to capture images in both the visible and SWIR spectra with a single camera and enables users to reduce overall system costs! Equipped with Sony's IMX990 and IMX991 SenSWIR InGaAs sensors, Alvium SWIR cameras deliver high image quality and frame rates. This makes them well suited for drones or handheld devices used in various industries such as, agriculture, mining, solar cell inspection or medical.