How to Ensure Freshness from Farm to Fork

With advancements in supply chain resources and quality control measures, the AgTech industry has the potential to revolutionize how we think about fresh produce.

Lifeasible Provides Plant Gene Overexpression Service for Research Use

Lifeasible, with decades of experience in plant genetic engineering, addresses the genetic modification of plants through multiple popular genetic engineering technologies. Now the company offers plant gene overexpression service to accommodate research needs.

Farmmi Establishes New FARMMI USA INC. Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

Farmmi plans to leverage its new platform to expand its growth in the important North American market, which is one of the world's largest markets for high-quality agricultural products. This is another important step in deepening the Company's international business strategy, following the establishment of FARMMI CANADA INC., a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary last year.

iFarm Will Construct an Automated High-Tech Vertical Farm in the Smart City of Tehuantepec (Mexico)

iFarm will build an automated vertical farm based on the cutting-edge iFarm StackGrow technology. The automated farm will have a total cultivation area of 38.500 square meters to grow over 35 types of leafy greens and microgreens with a hydroponics vertical farming system.

IDTechEx Asks If Emerging Technologies Can Make Food Production More Sustainable

Today, food production represents approximately 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, food production is associated with other negative impacts, including high water demand, severe soil degradation, eutrophication, and more.

Being a Good Steward

Wastewater treatment is serious business. Gearboxes from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS help this small community process up to 15 million gallons of it daily, without fail, with no surprises.

Is Commercial Agriculture Experiencing Another Tech Revolution?

For those of us with boots on the ground in the industry, we recognize that the commercial farming sector has quickly become the target industry for some of the most innovative and exciting technological advances of our generation.

Renewably powered aeroponic farms can significantly reduce the environmental impact of fresh produce compared to imports, new study finds.

Aeroponic container farms are a new method of farming that use a soilless technique to grow crops in a controlled environment. This method involves suspending the plant roots in a nutrient-rich mist, which helps to optimise crop growth and reduce water usage.

Feed Processors "Test Drive" Conveyors at World-Class Facility

At state-of-the-art OEM testing facility, feed processors can verify the performance of their product and receive expert consultation on tubular disc and cable conveyors

Farm.One Announces New Investment and Re-Opening of its Brooklyn Indoor Vertical Farm

Farm.One is thrilled to announce long-term growth capital from DK-Bell, and has re-opened its Farm in Brooklyn.

How Embedded Vision and Ai Are Revolutionizing Agriculture in India

AI algorithms can then process this data to provide insights that aid in decision-making, improving yields and reducing waste. As a result, agriculture businesses can save costs, increase productivity, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

CH4 Global Launches Methane Tamerā„¢ Beef Feedlot, first of the new formulations in the Methane Tamerā„¢ line

New targeted digestive aid formulation with quality star ingredient, Asparagopsis seaweed, is a safe, cost-effective way to reduce enteric methane emissions from beef feedlot cattle by as much as 90%.

The Greatest Greenhouse Built in Spain in One Unit

In 2022, the tomato producer has decided to build a new greenhouse module in Murcia of 7.3 hectares in one single unit, which is the largest greenhouse built in Spain in recent years. Looije achieved a 10 increase of tomato production in the new greenhouses.

Farmers need new financing options to meet increasing food demands in a volatile economy

Farmers can use a new, interactive interest-only land loan calculator to determine savings


The plan - which will guide areas of focus for CDFA and serve as a catalyst for action with farmers and ranchers, and other California agencies and partners - is being hailed as not just a plan for agriculture, but a plan to benefit every Californian.

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Cartesian robots with the right design upgrades can take over manual transfer operations with ease

Cartesian robots with the right design upgrades can take over manual transfer operations with ease

Manufacturing and packaging operations that still depend on manual material or parts handling operations can reap immediate benefits from a type of automation based on long-travel Cartesian robots with custom end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) and advanced sensing capabilities. These robots can support a variety of machines - performing otherwise manual tasks such as machine tending or transferring in-process parts - making long-travel Cartesian transfer robots a major upgrade to processes and operations. Download the White Paper from Bell-Everman