Live stock feed and animal feed producer

Exporters of animal feeds like yellow corn, soybean meal, sunflower meal, rapeseed meal and much more.

The Future Landscape: Emerging Technologies and Precision Farming SaaS for Indian Agriculture

The adoption of emerging technologies and SaaS for precision farming is still in its early stages in India, but it is growing rapidly. With the sector witnessing high technological advancements that are affordable, it is set to revolutionize Indian agriculture.

BioBetter Pioneers Cultivated Meat Future with Molecular Farming

Media growth start-up targets annual commercial production of 5 tons by 2025.

FarmSense Takes Top Prize in Bayer's Prestigious Grants4Tech Pest Monitor Challenge

The award-winning Agtech startup takes top spot at global competition for novel and breakthrough technologies for early pest detection


Agri-TechE REAP Conference 'Adaptation through innovation; beyond the comfort zone' - 8th November 2023, Newmarket, UK


Climate change, driving extreme weather events and industry commitments to deliver net zero are focusing the attention of the potato supply chain on how to reduce the carbon footprint of the crop.

Agrinam Acquisition Corporation and Freight Farms, Inc. Announce Binding Letter of Intent for Business Combination

Deal is expected to reflect a pro forma enterprise valuation for the combined entity of approximately US$147 million

Working to Reverse the Effects of Climate Change, Organic Valley Begins Industry-Leading Program to Create Climate-Friendly Dairy Future

USDA grant to Organic Valley taking shape with over 15 technical partners launching carbon insetting program with support from organic pioneers Stonyfield and Nancy's Probiotic Foods.

The Future of Indoor Farming: What to Expect in the Coming Years

The indoor farming market is facing a number of challenges, including the high cost of investment, the need for specialized skills, and the lack of government support. However, the market is also experiencing a number of opportunities, such as the growing demand for fresh, locally-grown produce, the increasing concerns about food security and sustainability, and the advances in technology.

$1 million USDA grant to Purdue aims to boost efficiency at dairy farms

The grant is among $9.6 million in recent NIFA investments supporting 12 projects in animal innovation systems.

Unlocking Farm Potential: The Power of Reliable Connectivity in Agriculture

While public cellular providers can deliver internet access outdoors, it is often spotty in wide-open fields. Inside coverage is even more problematic. Private cellular networks can bridge this gap.

ArduSimple makes precision driving assistance and autosteer affordable for all farmers

*Aftermarket accessory reduces existing monthly correction positioning subscription costs by 90%* Hardware and software solution can be retrofitted to existing solutions* Subscription can be paused when machinery not in use* L-Band Satellite Corrections affordable for all*

Farm Credit Illinois Elevates Agricultural Lending Prospecting with CamoAg's Client Intelligence Product

CamoAg's recent integration with AgWare demonstrates its dedication to serving ag lending and Farm Credit Associations as they deliver exceptional member experience and make more informed business decisions.

How Motors Are Used Within Agriculture

The agricultural industry has always been at the forefront of technological advancements in order to meet the increasing demands of food and fuel production. Motors have revolutionised the way farming operations are conducted, providing improved efficiency, and productivity.

AgrosMilk Launches Sustainability Solution to Simplify and Accelerate How Dairies Optimise their Operations for ESG

The AgrosMilk Sustainability Management software modules enable dairy businesses to capture real-time data, and prioritise and adopt sustainable practices within their operations.

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