Mobile "Smart Cart" Automates Food Conveyor CIP for Animal Feed Manufacturers

For an automated, wet Clean-in-Place process, animal feed manufacturers can push a cart with pre-programmed recipes and integrated water line hookups to tubular drag conveyors, facilitating quick sanitary compliance and production changeover

Forever Feed Technologies and JR Automation Partner to Manufacture Climate Technology for On-farm Feed Mills for Dairy and Beef Producers

Forever Feed Technologies has selected JR Automation, a global leader in advanced automated manufacturing, to build climate positive indoor feed mills designed by FFT that will dramatically save water and reduce carbon emissions.

Enhancing Resilience of Smallholder Farmers against Climate Change - Can Parametric Agricultural Insurance Make a Difference

To enhance the resilience of smallholder farmers against climate change, innovative solutions are urgently needed. One such solution is parametric agricultural insurance, a financial tool that has the potential to make a significant difference.

Solugen and ADM Announce Strategic Partnership to Meet Increasing Demand for Sustainable Products with New Biomanufacturing Facility in the U.S. Midwest

-Solugen to build groundbreaking production facility adjacent to ADM's Marshall, Minnesota, corn complex. -ADM to provide dextrose as feedstock for production of innovative plant-based organic acids for use in wide variety of consumer and industrial products. -Potential for companies to collaborate on broader commercialization opportunities spanning fast-growing sectors.

Ultimation Industries Introduces New Line of Chain-Driven Live Roller Conveyors for Heavy-duty Applications

Online ordering capability and shorter lead times provide manufacturers, distributors and others with more flexibility

Singapore-based Hydroponics Company Launches Turnkey Commercial Farming Solution

Singapore-based hydroponics manufacturer announces launch into commercial farming, leveraging its patented, aeroponic technology to revolutionize commercial farms.

The HC Companies Engineers a Breakthrough in Horticultural Containers With the Industry's First Low-Profile Tray

The Low-Profile Tray is an Entirely New Category of Horticulture Trays That Sets a Radically New Standard for Efficiency, Productivity and Sustainability

Intelinair Selected as Partner for USDA Climate-Smart Commodities Grant

Grant Focused on Advancing Camelina as Renewable Fuel Feedstock

Aquaticode's AI Solution is Creating Waves in the Salmon Farming Industry

Aquaticode's innovative system, the SORTpro, is designed to categorize up to 10,000 juvenile salmon per hour based on gender and other performance traits. The AI-powered solution officially launches for production after having been assessed over time and at scale by Salmones Camanchaca, achieving a verified gender classification accuracy exceeding 97% - and no increase in mortality rates.

Women-owned Startups Collaborate Toward a Scalable and Cost-Effective Future for Sustainable Biotechnology

Tiamat Sciences and BIOMILQ, two women-owned and led biotechnology startups in Research Triangle Park, NC, have collaborated on a project demonstrating that a plant-based recombinant protein, Human Prolactin, is just as effective as the commercially available alternative, and it's ten times more affordable

Philips Horticulture LED announces new partner Houweling Americas to support Canadian growers' transition to LED

As a certified Philips LED horticulture partner, Houweling Americas will offer only the Philips LED lighting portfolio of greenhouse lighting solutions to Canadian growers.

Barcode Labeling and RFID Tracking Solutions for Agriculture

Ensuring this smooth transition from the orchard to your fruit bowl are barcode labeling solutions for agriculture and RFID tracking. These technologies have revolutionized the way agricultural products are managed, traced, and delivered.

Trax eBook: Failing to Reduce Global Supply Chain Footprint Could Cost Companies $120 Billion by 2026

Trax eBook Reveals supply chain sustainability challenges, strategies, and outlook

Orbia's Precision Agriculture Business Netafim Partners with Vermillion Growers to Open a State-of-the-Art Commercial Greenhouse, Providing Fresh Produce and Bridging the Gap in Food Production in Central Canada

Vermillion Growers will produce 10 million pounds of tomatoes next year, grown across 10 acres. Canada imports 50% of its tomatoes; Vermillion will provide fresh produce to dozens of local grocery stores in remote communities.

2nd Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia to showcase latest agri-tech innovations strengthening urban food production and resilience

With a focus on building capacity, security and resilience in Asia's agri-food system, AFTEA 2023 aims to inspire efficiencies in urban food production through the extensive showcase of agri-tech solutions and technologies by almost 200 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions.

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