iHarvest™-The Future of Gardening is Indoors

The IGWorks™ Kickstarter campaign has raised $100,000 for the patent pending iHarvest™ in only two days since its April 16th debut. Kickstarter even named the iHarvest “A Project We Love” for its modern and innovative indoor food garden. The iHarvest is a beautiful hydroponic system that will reinvent vegetable gardening. “All the existing systems were either too small to grow real food with, or too unattractive to enjoy at home with friends and family,” shared founder and CEO Dave Stevens. The solution was an automated and fully self-contained system that simultaneously grows up to 30 fruits and vegetables, all within 2.5 sq. feet of floor space. iHarvest™ makes it easy for gardeners everywhere to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and more, while saving up to $1,000 a year on groceries.

The Perfect Garden for Small Spaces

Smaller indoor and outdoor spaces, limited time, harsh seasons and unpredictable climates can make it increasingly challenging to grow healthy produce at home. “We knew that the answer lied in hydroponics; however, the existing systems were either unattractive, cumbersome, costly or challenging to use,“ said Stevens. “I wanted an attractive, indoor garden that could easily fit into the smallest apartment, while also providing enough produce to help feed a family year-round.” Realizing that there was nothing on the market that met his needs, Stevens enlisted a team of individuals, including engineers and business advisors, to bring iHarvest™ and IGWorks™ to life. The result was an eye-catching self-contained growing wall that enhances spaces with a burst of greenery and light.

Experience how iHarvest™ will reinvent indoor gardening: 

  • Faster Growing Time – Harvest your produce 30-50% faster than traditional vegetable gardens
  • Fresh, Healthy Produce –Grow your food precisely the way that you want it including zero pesticides, zero herbicides, and without GMO’s.
  • Automated LED Lights – High-efficiency, visually pleasing, full spectrum LED lights allow the user to predetermine when the sun rises and sets while using the same amount of energy (72W) of a standard lightbulb.
  • 95% Less Water – Requires 20 X less water than traditional growing methods
  • Vertical Design – Fits in the smallest of spaces, while the included trellis easily accommodates hanging vegetation.
  • Easily Assembled - Simply add seeds to the medium, place into the pod, add water and grow.

Early Kickstarter supporters will receive the iHarvest™ for a substantially reduced price, $499 versus the projected retail price of $850, a 41% savings. “This innovative system will reinvent the way that consumers look at indoor gardening, making it easy and attractive to grow fresh produce in every home,” said Stevens. “By supporting iHarvest™ on Kickstarter, supporters can help bring the future of gardening to market.”

Visit IGWorks™ Kickstarter page to pre-order iHarvest™, learn more about what inspired the product, and see how iHarvest™ will transform the future of gardening: 


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