Farmers Edge and Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Partner to Enhance Hail Business Intelligence with InsurTech Tools

Pilot project will equip adjusting teams with advanced analytics to support risk management and hail loss adjustments

Farmers Edge Inc. ("Farmers Edge" or the "Company"), a pure-play digital agriculture company, is pleased to announce a pilot project in partnership with Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance (SMHI). The project aims to enhance adjudication processes and support risk monitoring using Farmers Edge InsurTech tools, including weather data and crop analytics.

SMHI is one of Canada's oldest and largest crop hail insurers with a long-standing reputation of excellence and commitment to its customers. Crop producers rely on quality insurance products and great service providers like SMHI to protect their farm investments. With nearly two decades of agricultural technology experience across the Canadian Prairies, Farmers Edge is delivering SMHI with a tailored solution to complement its business model, equipping adjusting teams with advanced analytics and valuable insights to support accurate hail loss adjustments.

"We're excited to partner with SMHI and are focused on creating value for their business through our portfolio of best-in-class solutions for crop insurers," said Vibhore Arora, Farmers Edge CEO.

"We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Farmers Edge, harnessing cutting-edge predictive analytics and remote sensing technology to support our loss adjustment process," said Rodney Schoettler, Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance CEO. "Together, we're leveraging innovation to enhance efficiency and precision, setting a new standard for customer experience."

With an influx of InsurTech solutions on the market, Farmers Edge is focused on delivering tailored solutions designed to strengthen and enhance the relationship between producers and insurers. Leveraging data from over 20 million acres, remote sensing, and proprietary AI-driven models, the company provides scalable, value-adding services and tools, including customized reporting, risk monitoring, and SmartClaim™ technology. For more information on Farmers Edge Crop Insurance Solutions, visit:

About Farmers Edge

Farmers Edge is a global leader in digital agriculture operating in North America, Brazil, and India. With best-in-class technologies, state-of-the-art soil and tissue testing laboratories, and robust datasets from over 20 million acres, Farmers Edge delivers managed IT services and tailored solutions to stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem. Spanning from farmers to ag-retail, fuel, food, insurance, and financial services, Farmers Edge is accelerating digital adoption, creating a more unified, sustainable, and transparent value chain. For more information on Farmers Edge, please visit

About Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance

Municipal Hail was established in Saskatchewan under the authority of the Municipal Hail Insurance Act in 1917. The Company was created to provide crop hail insurance coverage at cost for the sole benefit of farmers.

Municipal Hail operated exclusively in Saskatchewan until 2013. Due to demand from clients along the borders of Alberta and Manitoba, Municipal Hail expanded its operation to provide crop hail insurance coverage to producers in those provinces in 2014.

Municipal Hail provides crop hail and fire insurance coverage through three entities: SMHI, AMHI, and PMHI. We continue to operate on our core founding principles by providing coverage at cost while reducing the business risk for farmers.

Municipal Hail has established itself as the leader in providing affordable, predictable crop hail insurance products that meet the evolving needs of farmers. For more information on Municipal hail please visit or call us direct at 1-877-414-7644.

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