xFarm Technologies announces integration of Greenfield Technologies (Spain) and SpaceSense (France) to establish itself as a European AgTech leader

With the solid agronomic expertise of Spain's Greenfield Technologies and the cutting-edge know-how of France's SpaceSense, specialised in geospatial AI and climate intelligence, the tech company continues its growth path.

Lugano, April 23rd 2024 - xFarm Technologies, a leading tech company in the digitalisation of agriculture that supports 340,000 farms every day, together with an ecosystem of more than a hundred large companies on a total area of four million hectares tracked, continues its growth path in Europe and announces two operations in Spain and France - namely the integration of Greenfield Technologies and SpaceSense - to establish itself as a leader in the key areas of regenerative agriculture and geospatial AI. Greenfield Technologies is a company based in Badajoz that specialises in soil characterisation to optimise the management of crops, making them more sustainable and resilient, while SpaceSense is a pioneering company based in Paris that provides climate intelligence services using satellite data and artificial intelligence to help companies and organisations perform better and large-scale sustainability analysis, enabling actions such as carbon monitoring over large areas.

New technologies and skills to meet the challenges of the sector
"Through these operations with such top players that are active not only in two countries that are key to agriculture in Europe but also in other areas of the world, we aim to strengthen our position in regenerative agriculture and geospatial AI, reinforcing ourselves at a pan-European level to create new value and make a comprehensive contribution to the global agri-food industry," said Matteo Vanotti, CEO of xFarm Technologies. "Thanks to the complementarity of technology and expertise between xFarm Technologies and the teams at SpaceSense and Greenfield Technologies, we will work to provide our customers with new services related to climate intelligence and artificial intelligence-based agronomic support. Together with our ecosystem of partners, our goal remains to accompany farms around the world on their digital transition to a more sustainable and resilient agriculture."
International growth
These two operations represent a significant acceleration in the international path that xFarm Technologies has been following over the last two years, first with its presence in the Iberian Peninsula, then in France, Germany and Poland. And from now on, this expansion will be supported by the expertise of an even larger, more international, and more specialised team.
"At Greenfield Technologies, we are thrilled to join forces with xFarm Technologies on a journey towards market leadership. This partnership highlights our complementarity in both solutions and markets, bolstering our capabilities to continue our shared vision of empowering the agri-food sector to reach new levels of competitiveness and sustainability. In this way, we will strengthen our ability to enhance our solutions, such as agricultural soil characterisation, support for relevant crops of the Mediterranean region like tomatoes, olives, or almonds, and we will advance in implementing regenerative agriculture to benefit our customers and the planet," said Miguel Córdoba, CEO of Greenfield Technologies.
"By uniting SpaceSense's geospatial AI prowess with xFarm Technologies' Agtech excellence, we aim to strengthen our Climate Intelligence services to empower farmers worldwide. Together, we'll harness data and innovation to fulfil our purpose and accelerate sustainable agriculture, from assessing soil carbon levels to deploying strategies that combat emissions on a planetary scale" - noted Jyotsna Budideti, CEO of SpaceSense.
The xFarm Technologies team is excited, looking forward to the opportunity to work with new colleagues and ready for further expansion in Europe and worldwide.

xFarm Technologies
xFarm Technologies is a tech company focused on the digitization of the agri-food sector, providing innovative tools that can support farmers and stakeholders in the management of their businesses.
Born from the merge of xFarm and Farm Technologies in 2021, it offers apps for farm management, connected sensors, support in Digital Transformation projects, algorithms applied to agriculture and training activities for the whole sector.
By combining AI technologies with its deep agronomic knowledge, xFarm Technologies supports the work of 340,000 farms belonging to more than 50 supply chains on 4 million hectares in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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