Food-Tech Innovator Better Pulse Ltd. Introduces Sustainable Plant-Based Protein to Enhance Global Food Supply Chain Resiliency

This breakthrough introduces Better Pulse's Black-eyed peas protein as a transformative solution to address the challenges facing the alternative plant-based protein market due to the impacts of global warming.

Better Pulse, a pioneering company that is effectively merging food-tech and ag-tech, has unveiled its innovative protein sourced from Black-eyed peas (known also as cowpea) plants. In parallel the Black-eyed peas have been gene-edited to enable mechanized harvesting. This breakthrough introduces Better Pulse's Black-eyed peas protein as a transformative solution to address the challenges facing the alternative plant-based protein market due to the impacts of global warming.

Better Pulse's novel Black-eyed peas protein is derived from gene edited Black-eyed peas plants, harnessing cutting-edge genetic traits that do not fall under the category of GMOs. This protein stands as a high-quality and a dependable alternative for both animal-derived and plant-based protein sources in a wide array of food products, including dairy replacements such as milk and yogurt, or plant protein-based products.

Currently, more than 51% of our caloric intake is sourced from just four staple crops—rice, soy, wheat, and corn. These crops, however, are not adapted to thrive in extreme conditions like heatwaves and droughts that are now intensified by global warming, inevitably leading to diminishing yields. This alarming trend threatens the resiliency of the global food supply chain and could result in significant nutritional deficiencies in the future. The imperative solution lies in diversifying our crop assortment to enhance resiliency of our food security.

The Black-eyed peas plant, among the oldest cultivated crops, emerges as a beacon of hope. Boasting a high protein content, the Black-eyed peas offers exceptional nutritional value. Additionally, its robust heat tolerance, minimal water requirements as well as minimal fertilizer usage position it as a climate-resilient legume, impervious to the challenges posed by global warming and climate changes. In contrast, soybean, the prevalent legume of cultivation, demands substantial water and fertilizer inputs, and its cultivation limited to temperate climates. Predictions indicate a 20% decline in soybean yields within the next decade due to climate change. However, the sustainable Black-eyed peas emerges as a worthy contender, providing plant-based protein akin to, if not surpassing, soybean's quality and quantity, thus mitigating the void to be left by diminishing soybean production.

Unlike its soybean or green and pea counterparts, Better Seeds' Black-eyed pea protein is distinguished by its white color and subtle aftertaste profile - characteristics that are essential for food ingredients. Thus, Better Pulse's Black-eyed peas protein proves ideal for formulating into dairy alternatives products.

Operating in "stealth mode" in recent months, Better Pulse has successfully concluded a Proof-of-Concept phase. During this phase, the company achieved the production of over 70% Protein Concentrate-grade protein, seamlessly integrated it into diverse food products, scaled-up pilot production processes, initiated patent applications to bolster its forthcoming intellectual property portfolio, and is establishing collaborations with prominent food manufacturers. Furthermore, the company has exclusive rights to Black-eyed peas genetics that are ready for mechanized harvesting, enabling cost cost-effective, and profitable cultivation beyond Africa, the primary region where Black-eyed peas are grown. Moreover, unique access to groundbreaking genome editing technology enables Better Pulse to enhance the nutritional attributes of the Black-eyed peas plant.

Dr. Alon Karpol, the visionary CEO and Founder of Better Pulse, together with the other team members of the company, boast a formidable 40+ years of background in agriculture, food, and protein industries. Dr. Karpol previously managed Superbrewd Food Israel, which secured the first-ever regulatory approval to market a bacterial protein as a food source in the USA, underscoring his expertise in the field.

Dr. Alon Karpol, Co-Founder and CEO of Better Pulse, affirms, "The looming effects of climate change on the resiliency of the protein supply chain, particularly soybeans, underscore the urgency of adopting Black-eyed peas as a solution. Better Pulse's enhanced Black-eyed peas genetics will fortify global food security, drastically reduce Black-eyed peas cultivation costs, and its protein will provide a sensory experience akin to various dairy products."

The initial financial backing for Better Pulse was provided by BetterSeeds, a portfolio company of Smart-Agro Fund.

Ido Margalit, CEO and co-founder of BetterSeeds: "Better Pulse marks an important development in the industry by adopting the vertical integration model which combines ag-tech with food-tech.
These two fields should not exist in two separate worlds but instead must become intertwined to deal with the climate crisis and its negative impact on the food supply chain. Better Pulse will enable the use of BetterSeeds' unique solutions and technologies for gene editing in the field of alternative protein in food — a market worth 6.7 billion US dollars with an CAGR of 6.7%."

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