Agrinam Acquisition Corporation and Freight Farms, Inc. Announce Binding Letter of Intent for Business Combination

Deal is expected to reflect a pro forma enterprise valuation for the combined entity of approximately US$147 million

Agrinam Acquisition Corporation (TSX: AGRI.U) ("Agrinam" or the "Corporation") today announced that it has entered into a binding letter of intent ("LOI") for a proposed business combination transaction with Freight Farms, Inc. ("Freight Farms"), a rapidly growing innovative agtech company and a leader in the global revolution for sustainable, hyper-local and ultra-fresh food production.

Freight Farms Overview
Founded in 2012, Freight Farms is an industry pioneer and global market leader of modular controlled environment agriculture with over 600 modular farms sold across 40 countries. Freight Farms' diverse client portfolio includes hundreds of for-profit farmers as well as an expanding set of farmers in segments such as education, hospitality, healthcare, grocery, food banks, and non-profit community organizations. To date, Freight Farms has raised over US$43 million in external funding, which has allowed it to build a portfolio of intellectual property that is employed and operational in its 11th generation modular platform. Through its integrated suite of proprietary products and services - encompassing equipment, software and consumables - the Freight Farms solution seeks to optimize critical sustainability factors as well as financial performance and scalability.

The Greenery™ S is a closed-loop hydroponic container farm that offers turnkey precision growing in a modular form factor, which is easy to operate and generates attractive rates of return, comparing favorably to a typical retail franchise model. With a delivery to first harvest period in as little as 6 weeks, efficient resource usage, and the high productivity of vertical farming, this self-contained farm delivers meaningful ROI on a low customer investment, with multiple for-profit farmers experiencing a payback in 2-3 years.
Farmhand® is the proprietary automation software that provides easy access and transparency into container farm operations to optimize performance and crop yield while also providing owner/operators control and efficiency through mobile access to real-time and historical data and analytics. In addition, the software platform collects and aggregates data across the farm network, enabling continuous crop yield and operational improvements.
Farmhand Shop offers a one-stop solution for all farming needs—be it supplies, nutrients, or seeds. Developed by in-house plant scientists, these offerings are designed to optimize yields. The shop even simplifies the restocking process with customizable kits and recurring subscriptions, ensuring an uninterrupted and seamless supply chain. All of these can be easily accessed and ordered through the Farmhand app.
Inherent in its software controlled, self-contained modular form factor, Freight Farms is clearly differentiated from "warehouse" vertical farms. Importantly, Freight Farms is a technology provider, not a grower, with proven customer economics. The Company's technology has grown over 500 commercially-viable crops with lower capex compared to historically less flexible and fixed warehouse vertical farms. Container farming provides significant flexibility, is easily scalable and is adaptable to fit customer needs across for-profit and not-for-profit businesses alike and is well positioned for scaling in the face of global trends including climate change, food safety concerns, water shortages and food insecurity. Freight Farms has a deep focus on ESG and is strongly aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Management Commentary

"We believe the potential business combination with an exceptional partner in Agrinam will enable us to more aggressively scale our business to deliver sustainable, hyper-local food production to more customers across the world," said Rick Vanzura, CEO of Freight Farms. "Freight Farms has made significant progress over the past decade building an incredible technology platform with strong underlying economics. In addition, we've proven the efficacy of our model across a broad spectrum of customers and industries that is global in reach, with installations in 40 countries worldwide."

Mr. Vanzura continued, "We are very excited about the partnership with Agrinam to take our business to the next level. Their understanding of the agtech space coupled with a focus on sustainability and efficient use of resources is closely aligned with our mission and values, making them the ideal partner."

"Ospraie Ag Science believes that end-customer requirements have created demand for the truly local and clean footprint that indoor farming can provide, and we have invested in those indoor agriculture companies that we believe can supply farmers with the technology, tools, systems, and inputs to meet customer requirements with high-returning unit economics," said Zach Morse, a Freight Farms Board member and Analyst at Ospraie Ag Science, Freight Farms largest investor. "At Freight Farms, we found a dedicated technology company that had developed and is continuously improving systems that enable their customers to grow profitably and cost-effectively hyper-locally, as evinced by the operational success and repeat business of their farmers. We're very excited to partner with Agrinam on the next phase of Freight Farms' growth as it becomes a platform company in indoor farming, which we anticipate to be accelerated by this potential business combination."

"Agrinam was formed with the focused mission to identify and merge with a differentiated agribusiness company with a strong track record and a sustainable financial model and we believe we have found that with Freight Farms and are very excited about where this company will be in the near future," said Agustin Tristan Aldave, CEO of Agrinam. "We've conducted significant diligence to date and have had detailed discussions with Rick and his exceptional team and are confident that this transaction will deliver a highly compelling value proposition for shareholders. In addition to the strength of the management team is the scalability of Freight Farms and how the platform allows for year-round production, low water consumption with 99% less water than conventional agriculture, and a contained growing environment preventing food safety issues. It also addresses global food security issues with farms in very remote areas with no access to water or crop production."

Transaction Overview

The proposed business combination ascribes a pro forma enterprise valuation of approximately US$147 million, based on certain assumptions. Under the terms of the LOI, Agrinam and Freight Farms would become a combined entity with existing Freight Farms' shareholders exchanging 100% of their shares for equity in the combined public company.

In connection with executing the LOI, Agrinam is targeting non-binding investment indications of approximately US$20 million from existing Agrinam sponsors and certain strategic investors. In addition, the Agrinam sponsor has delivered US$4 million to Freight Farms to demonstrate its commitment to the transaction.

Agrinam intends to announce additional details regarding the proposed business combination once a definitive agreement has been executed, which is anticipated to occur in the third quarter of 2023.

Completion of the proposed business combination with Freight Farms is subject to, among other matters, the completion of due diligence, the negotiation of a definitive agreement providing for the proposed transaction, satisfaction of the conditions negotiated therein, regulatory approvals, including approval of the Toronto Stock Exchange, and approval of the transaction by the board and shareholders of both Agrinam and Freight Farms. There can be no assurance that a definitive agreement will be entered into or that the proposed transaction will be consummated on the terms or timeframe currently contemplated, or at all.

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About Freight Farms

Founded in 2012, Freight Farms debuted the first vertical hydroponic farm built inside an intermodal shipping container with the mission of democratizing and decentralizing the local production of fresh, healthy food. Since its inception, Freight Farms has refined its product offering to arrive at the Greenery™ S container farm. With global customers ranging from small business farmers to the corporate, hospitality, retail, education, and nonprofit sectors, Freight Farmers make up the largest network of IoT connected farms in the world. AgTech Breakthrough named Freight Farms the 2022 "IoT Monitoring Solution of the Year" for its farmhand® IoT automation software. For more information, visit

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