A New Standard for Pivot Irrigation and Traction

Evolution Wheel Announces the Launch of the EWRS-PIVOT XT Airless Center Pivot Irrigation Tire

WINNIPEG, MB - A New Standard for Pivot Irrigation and Traction - Evolution Wheel is excited to announce our newest domestically manufactured tire, the EWRS-PIVOT XT airless irrigation tire for center pivot irrigation systems.

Known for being a leader in innovative, top-quality airless technology for heavy equipment, Evolution Wheel Develops airless tires for operators to work longer, more efficient hours. With extensive engineering, R&D, and rigorous testing, their products create a new quality standard for any application. That new standard is extreme traction when it comes to center pivot irrigation.

Every farmer has that problem area in the field with soft soil or soil that has high amounts of clay. Towers will often get stuck in these areas causing a whole bunch of problems that have to be addressed. To get through these areas' farmers require a tire with extraordinary traction capabilities to travel through this type of soil.

Evolution Wheel's newest product, the EWRS-PIVOT XT is designed as a specialized version of the EWRS-PIVOT Series, optimized for the areas in the field that cause the most problems. The highly aggressive tread design with extra large lugs and void space allows for much better traction. The large lugs paddle through sticky soil while the void space helps the soil from sticking to the rubber. The addition of small ribs within the void space helps release mud from the surface of the tire as it compresses and expands.

Virtually all pivot tires on the market have a convex profile where the center of the tire bulges out. This pushes mud from underneath the tire out forming deep ruts in the field. Like the original EWRS-PIVOT Series, the XT version has a concave profile that holds mud underneath the tire. Preventing ruts from forming in the first place.

The EWRS-PIVOT XT airless pivot tire also features a wide tread for increased surface area. This means that the full surface of the tread contacts the ground to maximize flotation.

All Evolution Wheels products including the EWRS-PIVOT XT are segmented for serviceability. The rubber is segmented and attached to the high-strength steel rim with a series of nuts and bolts.

Once mounted on the tower, the rims never need to be changed. If a rubber segment is damaged, it's as simple as replacing it with a new one. When the tread is finally worn, a retread kit is available consisting of a full tire's worth of segments. The operator can replace all worn segments without removing the tower's rims. Eliminating the need to haul damaged or flat tires in and out of the field.

From cutting the steel for the rims to mixing the rubber for the segments, Evolution Wheel owns the entire manufacturing process for all its products. This allows them to control the quality of their tires. Making sure they provide only the highest-quality options on the market. With a highly skilled team of engineers, technicians, and chemists, they tailor each tire for the highest performance in any given application.

For the most effective results in the field, Evolution Wheel recommends installing all towers with the EWRS-PIVOT Series, placing the XT only on towers traveling through the most problematic areas in the field.

A tire with an aggressive tread design, a segmented airless construction, and a wide concave profile creates a very competitive option on the market. Providing both flotation and traction to limit ruts and get through problem areas. Helping farmers forget about stuck pivots or damaged tires and focus on the more important tasks at hand.

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