Australian AgTech solutions to fuel Australia-India ag trade

Rocket seeder incubated companies GoMicro and ConnectOne Platform are collaborating to create an AI certification solution that will de-risk ag trade between Australia and India.

Issues around quality continue to pose significant challenges in agriculture. Quality standards differ from country to country. Buyers and sellers often have incompatible standards - resulting in trade disputes and food loss now estimated to be US$1Trillion.

GoMicro Ltd. has developed patent-pending Ai imaging technology that makes it possible to assess any fresh product at an expert level by simply using your mobile phone.

Dr. Sivam Krish, CEO GoMicro says, "Anything that can be assessed by eye, can now be assessed by GoMicro".

The ConnectOne platform connects buyers and sellers through an online marketplace that can be tailored to the needs of fresh produce organisations.

"We enable farm communities and groups to create their own market palace to reach global markets", says Vijesh Sathyanandan, CEO ConnectOne.

As recent Rocket Seed Incubator participants, both startups focus on reducing food waste. The Rocket Seeder program helps startups to understand and track the complex issues within the agricultural system.

"We encourage our startups to collaborate to create impactful change that would rescue food waste", says Emma Coath, Managing Director of Rocket Seeder.

Adelaide based GoMircro's technology requires only 50 -100 images instead of the thousands of images needed for conventional AI training, delivering 80 - 90% high detection accuracy. The company now has clients in India who are using this technology to assess the freshness of fish and grain.

Sydney based ConnectOne has developed and deployed an auction platform currently being used in India to sell cardamom and mangoes. GoMicro is developing QC technology for assessing cardamoms. The Rocket Seeder program brought these two companies together to help crack the food waste issue.

Combing these two Agtech products provides a powerful tool for the Agriculture community to Aggregate their produce, Automate Quality control processes and connect with buyers. This capability aligns with the recent free trade agreement between India and Australia. The free trade agreement is designed to increase the trade of agricultural goods between India and Australia.

"The future success of Australia's horticulture sector is underpinned by creating and capitalising on export opportunities. Steps the signing of an interim agreement between Australia and India is vital in setting up Australia's horticulture sector for international success", says Michael Rogers, AFPA CEO,

While Australia has well-documented standards for assessing food quality, it is not necessarily compatible with standards employed by other countries. Phone-based AI technology developed by GoMicro will enable buyers to create their own requirements as a purchase standard and make it available to sellers who can QC to the buyer's standards using their own phones with GoMicro devices.

Sivam Krish says, "We believe the ability for buyers to create their own purchase standards, combined with the ability for sellers to QC to those standards, will have the potential to eliminate quality disputes as QC can be carried out reliably on both ends."

Both companies have a presence in India and Australia. They look forward to bridging the quality issues that add risk to global trade. Australia has established a reputation for quality exports through rigorous standards.

The combination of GoMicro's AI with ConnectOne's auction platform will make it possible for Australian exporters to enter into quality assured online trade in a way that was not possible before.

A collaboration between two startups facilitated by Rocket Seeder

Vijesh Sathyanandan, Emma Coath & Sivam Krish at the Rocket Seeder showcase event

Cardamon assessed with GoMicro for ConnectOne trading platform

About GoMicro, ConnectOne, Rocket Seeder

GoMicro is an Adelaide/Singapore based company that develops AI technologies for agriculture. The company is incubated at the New Venture Institute @ Flinders University Tonsley.
contact Sivam Krish

ConnectOne is a Sydney based Agtech company developing online trading platforms for farmer communities and groups.
contact Vijesh Sathyanandan

Rocket Seeder provides support for purpose-driven, early-stage startups in the Australian food and agriculture sector.
contact Emma Coath

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