Startup releases industry-leading machine learning models to solve farmed fish disease

Denver-based software company, Manolin, has made breakthrough progress helping aquaculture farmers manage the industry's biggest hurdle to sustainability: disease.

Denver-based software company Manolin is forecasting ocean disease to reduce the environmental impact of aquaculture. The company announced breakthrough progress today with machine learning software detecting risk of disease on aquaculture farms at greater than 93% accuracy.

"Development of new technology is critical to improve the resource efficiency of farming operations and reduce negative impacts on marine wildlife," says Robert Jones, Global Lead of Aquaculture at The Nature Conservancy.

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing food production sector and now provides more than half of global fish consumption. Pests and disease treatment are a growing cost and environmental concern. Norway alone spends an estimated $1 billion annually fighting pancreas disease in its farmed salmon. Manolin's forecasting technology targets solving disease as critical in building a sustainable future food system.

"COVID-19 showed us that it's more important than ever to build resilient seafood supply chains. When it's done well, aquaculture can bring nutrient-rich protein to more communities through one of the least resource-intensive forms of food production," says Håvard Olsen, owner at third-generation Atlantic salmon farm Kvarøy Arctic. "Manolin is breaking down barriers in data to help us reach this."

Manolin's machine learning software, now available to farmers across Norway, is fueled by millions of data points including the health status of the country's 400 million active farmed salmon, more than 50 daily environmental and farm production factors, marine sensors, satellite imagery, boat traffic, oceanographic forecasts, and more than two decades of historic data.

Current customers represent some of the most innovative and sustainable fish farms in the world, producing fish for stores across the U.S. including Whole Foods Market (Kvarøy Arctic), Costco, and Sam's Club.

About Manolin
Manolin is a software and data analytics company that builds disease detection models to fuel sustainability in aquaculture. Founded in 2018, the company raised $1 million in seed funding from Boost VC, Hatch AS, and Innovation Norway to build its platform, machine learning models, and real-time alerts for aquaculture farmers. To learn more, visit

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