The Future is Brighter with Vitabeam

Vitabeam's world-first technology is making a splash in the food sector. From farm to fork, Vitabeam technology is tackling some of the world's biggest problems, including food waste, and producing safe, chemical-free, pathogen-free food.

When it comes to technological breakthroughs, few have the potential to impact the Food and Drink sector in a way as radical as Vitabeam.

After many years of R&D, Vitabeam produced their first LED light bar, which emits a unique combination of light wavelengths called VQe (Vitabeam Quantum energy). The wavelengths are all safe for human exposure, and have incredible properties that allow Vitabeam's technology to positively contribute to many different global markets.

But it is within the Food and Drink sector that this tech is likely to have the biggest impact. The patented combination of light wavelengths has 2 abilities:

1) VQe interacts with plants to directly stimulate photosynthesis, increasing growth and yield, and delaying cell senescence in harvested produce to prolong freshness, and

2) VQe actively kills bacterial and mould pathogens, improving the health of plants, and minimising the microbial load on fresh food, extending its shelf-life.

Vitabeam's technology is designed to benefit the food sector at every stage of the food supply chain, from grower, to packer, to retailer, to home consumer.
In the growing stage, the light bar, called the Vitabeam VQe MaxStrip, is a supplementary grow light. It can easily be retrofitted into any existing setup, making it an excellent option for growers looking to optimise their grow.

The MaxStrip supercharges plants by supplying them with the specific wavelengths of light, not emitted by any other grow lights, that maximise plant growth and yield. At the same time, the MaxStrip protects the plant from bacterial and mould pathogens, ensuring the plant stays healthy and the produce stays clean. This chemical-free method of pathogen killing allows growers to reduce their usage of pesticides and other chemicals, meaning they can produce clean, safe, chemical-free, residue-free food.

Once harvested, produce can be treated using Vitabeam's high-powered sterilising technology, called the Steril Max, which combines VQe with UV. Whilst UV is often used for sterilisation purposes, the UV wavelengths cannot penetrate the surface of an object, limiting its effectiveness. VQe is able to penetrate into the food, meaning the combined usage of UV and VQe provides a more effective cleaning treatment than UV alone. This thorough cleaning treatment eliminates the need for washing produce with chemicals such as chlorine, ensuring that consumers are provided with the safest, cleanest food possible. This technology can be used for fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and seafood to ensure they are pathogen-free, extending their shelf-life, and thereby reducing food waste.

Once food reaches the supermarket, Vitabeam's technology can protect it, prolonging its freshness and keeping it safe and clean to keep customers healthy. MaxStrips installed in refrigerated display cabinets not only keep the produce within them clean, but also the surrounding environment. In a trial with a store in Michigan, USA, staff working in the fish department noticed the MaxStrips making a difference almost instantly. They reported that, within just a couple of days, the ‘fishy' smell had disappeared, the fish felt firmer and looked healthier, and the ice surrounding the fish was no longer turning yellow. Furthermore, when the time came for the quarterly deep clean, there was noticeably less slime in the display case. Trials have also shown that Vitabeam's technology can reduce wastage of fresh produce by between 25 and 30%.

Finally, when customers take their food home, VQe can be integrated into refrigerators to keep food clean and safe from pathogens. Not only does this diminish the risk of food poisoning, but it also means that food lasts longer, reducing the amount that ends up being thrown away because it has gone bad before it can be eaten. We've all felt the disappointment of finding that something we had been looking forward to eating has already gone mouldy. VQe can help to ensure that this feeling occurs much less often! Household food waste is therefore reduced, and less money is wasted on food that ends up in the bin!

Vitabeam is committed to helping businesses provide their customers with clean, safe, natural, chemical-free, residue-free food. Their technology has multiple benefits - keeping consumers safe and healthy, reducing food waste at every stage of the food supply chain, reducing chemical and pesticide usage, and helping everyone, from the grower to the consumer, to save money. Trials have shown that a return on investment for Vitabeam technology can be delivered quickly, for example within 6-9 months for retailers.

It is rare that a technology such as Vitabeam's comes along which not only has the potential to benefit companies economically, but which also can help to protect the environment by reducing chemical and pesticide usage, and reducing food waste. The future really is brighter with Vitabeam.

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