Living Greens Farm Produces the Freshest, the Healthiest and the Safest Romaine

Romaine Lettuce is Air-grown without Soil, Pesticides, Herbicides or GMO's

Living Greens Farm continues to fulfill customer demands and fill hundreds of reseller shelves with healthy, delicious, and most of all safe, romaine lettuce. For the second year in a row, the produce industry is being plagued with romaine lettuce recalls due to dangerous E. coli bacteria contamination concerns.

The following are contaminant causes according to The Washington Post:

"Birds making frequent flights overhead"
Living Greens Solution: No exposure to wildlife and pests due to the secure nature of an indoor farm.

"Low-lying fields flooding with contaminated water"
Living Greens Solution: Water is controlled and monitored 24/7 via automated systems to ensure plants receive only what they need. Living Greens Farm also completely distills the water before it reaches the plants and then goes even further by utilizing UV filtration as part of its irrigation systems.

"Farmworkers who don't wash their hands"
Living Greens Solution: All Living Greens Farm technicians operate in a near-clean room environment, which follows strict food safety guidelines that are regularly, independently audited.

"Farm equipment that has manure on it"
Living Greens Solution: Living Greens Farm doesn't require any heavy farm equipment for harvesting, and manure is nowhere to be found in the farm.
Living Greens Farm produces its lettuce from a state-of-the-art, indoor aeroponic growing process. Aeroponic does not use soil, pesticides, or herbicides. Only natural nutrients are used, along with air and water. Typically, within one day of harvest, their lettuce is shipped fresh from the indoor farm to their valued resellers, keeping their shelves stocked with safe, disease-free, and bacteria free lettuce.

"Our team is obsessed with consistently producing the freshest and healthiest lettuce and micro-greens made on the planet, says Ken Sourbeck, General Manager at Living Greens Farm.

About Living Greens Farm

Living Greens Farm is the world's largest, vertical plane, aeroponics grower offering a revolutionary, planet- friendly, indoor-farming approach using no pesticides, no herbicides and no GMOs. Living Greens Farm's patented, Air-Grown farming system accelerates plant growth and harvest cycles by creating the perfect growing conditions for fresh greens and herbs, virtually eliminating the health risks and environmental challenges posed by more traditional farming methods. For more information, please visit

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