Certified Organic Hydro-Farm, the MotherLoad, Launches to Support and Promote True “Organic Farm-to-Table Dining” in SoCal

Local Retirees Step Back Into the Workforce to Build a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly ‘Micro Farm’ Designed to Aid Local Chefs and Home Cooks In Creating True Affordable Organic Meals

Officially launched in September of this year, MotherLoad Farm & Nursery is a family-owned and operated, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-certified and California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)-approved hydroponic farm that serves the businesses and communities of the greater San Diego area.

While most small family farms use an average of 231 acres of land, MotherLoad Farm & Nursery uses only 0.9 acres of its tiny 2.5-acre Valley Center facility for production, by tapping into the power of hydroponic farming to grow a plentiful, wide range of organic greens, vegetables and fruits.

The high-tech farming method, which grows fresh produce without soil, provides water and nutrients to plant root systems through a recirculating, water-saving process. Temperature, water supply and light are calculated and regulated by the farmer, requiring fewer pesticides and less land use, and leading to higher yields. Using the hydroponic process, beautiful produce is ready to eat in less time, and biodiversity and natural resources are preserved.

Founder Susan Guenther launched the farm in her post-retirement years with the dual missions of helping restaurateurs and cooks at home create a true farm-to-table dining experience and to provide affordable organic produce to the Valley Center community. "Our mission is to support farm-to-table dining in Southern California," said Susan Guenther, founder of MotherLoad Farm & Nursery, Inc. "San Diego has one of the largest farm economies with more than 350 registered certified organic growers, and we are aiming to help make this organic produce more available in restaurants, as well as in people's homes. Having more access to affordable, nutrient-rich organic produce is a problem that should be solved, and we aim to be part of the solution."

The MotherLoad Farm & Nursery is currently selling its high-quality organic produce at an affordable price to select market segments; restaurants and consumers, direct through the MotherLoad Farm & Nursery website and via its on-property farm stand. To learn more, visit https://motherloadfarm.com/.

ABOUT MOTHERLOAD CERTIFIED ORGANIC FARM & NURSERY: The MotherLoad Certified Hydroponic Organic Farm & Nursery is a family-owned business in San Diego County, Calif. As a certified hydroponocist, founder Susan Guenther and her husband Jack serve as both production managers and operators. The farm's hydroponic growing methods reduce toxins, use less water, require less space and nutritional matter, enable steady production rates and early harvesting and eliminate soil-borne diseases. It's beautiful USDA- and CCOF-approved produce offers local restaurant chefs and consumers top-tier quality seasonal produce at an affordable cost. For more information, visit https://motherloadfarm.com/.

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