Seedsheet’s New Website Facilitates “Farm Delivery” for Gardeners of Any Skill Level

Redesigned Website Allows for Interactive Customization of Personalized Gardens

Vermont-based AgTech startup Seedsheet today introduced their new "Design Your Own" gardens feature for interactive customization of personal garden kits, along with a revamped website. The newly built, custom website features helpful tips and guides for maintaining a healthy garden for homegrown food, including individual profiles for over 85 plants that can be harvested with Seedsheet.

Seedsheet's line of customizable gardening kits ensure thriving, healthy gardens no matter the gardener's skill level. With two customizable Seedsheet garden sizes available, users can easily create their garden online and have it shipped right to their door. From flowers to herbs to fruiting plants, you can choose from hundreds of seeds and design your gardens within the comfort of your own home. Each sheet includes a variety of organic, Non-GMO seeds in dissolvable pods for seamless planting and is specially-designed with strategic seed placements to facilitate maximum growth. Using permeable fabric, each sheet is designed to keep weeds from affecting plant growth and health. Gardeners can choose from container gardeners, perfect for stoops, patios or a sunny windowsill, or a 4' x 8' Seedsheet ideally sized for raised beds or direct ground planting.

"Seedsheet's mission is to demystify the gardening experience for anyone," said Cam MacKugler, founder and CEO of Seedsheet. "With our new website launch, we want to provide our customers a simplified and interactive experience where you design your perfect garden, we build and ship it, and you feast! We like to say ‘we're not meal delivery, we're farm delivery!' From flowers to vegetables and from beginners to green-thumbed pro's, Seedsheet is making gardening accessible to everyone."

For more information about Seedsheet or to view their entire product line, visit

About Seedsheet™

Seedsheet was founded in 2014 and began on Kickstarter before quickly gaining retail traction and launching in Home Depot in 2016. The company appeared on Shark Tank in 2017 and has gone on to numerous QVC sellouts and features on Good Morning America and The View. The company manufactures each product in its Middlebury, Vermont factory, and proudly sources the finest organic seeds and soil in the industry. For additional information, visit

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