Midland Introduces New Repeater Capable GXT GMRS Two-Way Radio Bundle

The GXT3000VP4 is a step up from its top-selling predecessor, boasting new features including extended battery, rapid charging capability, water resistance and an LED flashlight

Midland, a leader in two-way radio communication technology, today announced the new GXT3000 GMRS Two-Way Radio Bundle - GXT3000VP4. The GXT3000VP4 is the next generation of the top-selling GXT1000VP4 GMRS handheld two-way radio with repeater capability, making it the handheld overachiever. Additional new features include increased battery life, rapid charging, water resistance and an LED flashlight, making the GXT3000VP4 a great handheld radio for agriculture, outdoor adventures, emergency situations and industrial use.

Midland understands communicating over long distances is crucial, especially in remote locations where cell signal is limited. To address this, the GXT3000VP4 was built to be repeater capable. Whether working across sprawling farmland, hitting the trails for an off-road adventure, setting out for an off-grid hike, or reaching others during an emergency event, eight new repeater channels empower users to significantly extend the range of their communication needs.

"The launch of our new repeater capable GXT3000VP4 truly celebrates our commitment to advancing communication and connections with enhanced performance and unbeatable value," said Kevin Lane, chief marketing officer at Midland. "These new versatile walkie talkies bring long-lasting battery life and repeater capability at a price that won't break the bank. The GXT3000VP4 is a step up from its predecessor and will surely be the go-to handheld for use when charging capabilities are limited, such as on the farm, on the trail, or on the move."

The GXT3000VP4 comes newly equipped with a powerful LED flashlight to better navigate low-light scenarios and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can rapidly charge in just over four hours, with up to 18 hours of battery life. A USB-C charging port, Dual Watch Pro—which allows users to monitor two channels for activity, and Selectable Bandwidth that lets users choose between narrow or wide band to further enhance performance.

With the GXT3000VP4, users will have access to the same emergency preparedness features seen in Midland's GXT1000VP4 and other popular two-way radios. These attributes include an SOS Siren for sending out distress/locator signals and NOAA Weather Alert Radio and Weather Scan, which alerts users to timely weather events and emergencies in the surrounding area.

The GXT3000VP4 is now available for $149.99 at www.midlandusa.com.

About Midland

A leader in communication solutions for over 50 years, Midland has transformed the way people stay connected. From introducing the first CB radios in the United States to being at the forefront of two-way radios, as well as weather and emergency alert technology, the company is committed to innovation, safety, reliability and efficiency. Located in Kansas City, the heart of the Midwest, Midland's easy-to-use radios ensure exceptional communication access for everyone, keeping families, friends, and professionals connected, while their top-of-the-line weather and emergency radios empower preparedness during critical situations. For more information, visit www.midlandusa.com.

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