Deepak Fertilisers Optimizes Data Analysis Time by 70% with Agmatix Trial Management Platform

• Time to collate, verify and analyze agronomic data cut from six months to under one • Deepak has experienced significant error reduction through Agmatix’s digital notebook, which allows instantaneous mobile data collection

18th June 2024, Tel Aviv, Israel - India's largest fertilizer company, Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation, has successfully reduced their time to collate, verify, and analyze agronomic data by 70%, from six months to under one month using the Agmatix platform. The Agmatix field trial software and data analysis system has helped Deepak detect and prevent errors in their product development trials, resulting in high-quality efficacy data for over 1,500 annual trials conducted through the platform.

Previously, agronomists manually entered multiple parameters per crop trial and across 25 sites each, using pen-and-paper field notebooks. This time-consuming method posed significant risks of data loss and entry errors. Agmatix's data collector for agronomic trials has significantly reduced inaccuracies through instantaneous mobile data collection. The digital notebook allows the upload of images, notes, and videos alongside collection location data and timestamps, securely storing all data in the cloud.

"Before integrating Agmatix's solution, I spent months manually collating agronomists' data, delaying business presentations. Now, the platform handles it instantly, allowing me to focus on other tasks," comments Abhishek Shinde, Senior Manager R&D Project and Data Lead at Deepak. "I tried other platforms, but they weren't suitable for our needs. Agmatix Trial Management fits seamlessly into our existing IT systems, and the team worked closely with me to create bespoke modifications to perfectly fit our requirements."

"Agricultural input companies are facing increasing pressure to maximize efficiency and output with limited resources. Digitization is key to cultivating a competitive edge, enabling faster transitions from product testing and development to registration and sales" said Ron Baruchi, CEO of Agmatix. "By deploying our technology, businesses like Deepak are advancing sustainable agriculture and enabling higher yields by continually developing their products in smart and efficient ways, contributing to global food security."

Deepak conducts 1,500 product development trials annually across in-house research centers, university partnerships and local farmers, who are able to keep and sell the crops at the end of the trial. These trials cover 24 major crops, including tomatoes, sugarcane, wheat, soybeans, coffee and tea. Managed by a team of 60 agronomists, the Agmatix platform assists with workforce management by assigning and tracking tasks.

About Agmatix
Agmatix is an agro informatics company that develops data-driven solutions for ag professionals worldwide. Their cutting-edge technology platform uses agronomy data science and advanced AI technology to convert agronomic data into actionable insights at field level. The SaaS platform aggregates, standardizes, and harmonizes agronomic data from trials and experiments, unlocking a significant new layer of knowledge. With a revolutionary approach, Agmatix aims to solve the lack of data standardization to accelerate the time to market for new input innovations, optimize crop yields and quality, and promote regenerative agriculture practices.
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About Deepak
Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd. (DFPCL) is among India's leading manufacturers of industrial chemicals and fertilisers. DFPCL is one of the leading manufacturers of Technical Ammonium Nitrate in the world, used in agriculture as fertilisers. The company is the only producer of prilled TAN solids in India and also manufactures medical grade Ammonium Nitrate.
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