Plant Growing Substrate Uses Far Less Water, Speeds Growth Cycle, Increases Yields and is Safe for the Environment

Biodegradable, ideal water to air ratio, water savings of up to 50% and growth rates greater than 125% define new Rocket-Foam growing material from Martian Enterprises

Hydroponic Greenhouse Hitting the Auction Block in July

Former Clearwater Organic Farms 183,296 Sq. Ft. Greenhouse in Taylorville, Illinois Going on the Auction Block in July

The Sky's the Limit for Vertical Farming at University of Washington

Project IF (Indoor farm) is a small hydroponic farm housed in the basement of an on-campus academic building. This registered student organization (RSO) grows fresh food without the need for soil in hydroponic ZipGrow Towers.

Seafields will develop stationary aquafarms together with MacroCarbon

By baling and storing large quantities of the seaweed at over 4000 metres below sea level in the deep abyssal plain of the Atlantic Ocean, the company aims to trap a gigatonne every year of atmospheric carbon dioxide for thousands of years.

Purely Elizabeth Partners with Mad Agriculture for First Regenerative Impact Program

The natural foods brand invests in regenerative agriculture and commits to goal of sourcing 1/3 of its ingredient volume from regenerative agriculture methods in three years.

Semtech's LoRa® Chip-to-Cloud Platform Enables Sustainable Farming in Malaysia

Semtech's LoRa devices and gateways utilizing LoRaWAN® help to improve farming practices, lower operational costs and increase crop yields

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Delivers Efficient, Economical Solutions for End-of-Line Packaging

The use of decentralized drive solutions with asynchronous motors can achieve cost benefits of up to 50% while providing a more compact footprint and high-efficiency operation.

Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator Announces 2023 Channel Partner Strategic Awards to Catalyze Innovation and Inclusion

$1M Allocated to Climate Tech Incubators and Accelerators Leading the Shift Towards a Low-Carbon Economy and Inclusive Energy Transition

ZipGrow enables Vercrop's medicinal crop ambitions to grow in Ontario

This build completes phase one of an ambitious three-stage plan, where crops of leafy greens and herbs and medicinal crops can grow to the fullest of their potential in four self-contained, fully controlled environments. Phase one includes over 1530 hydroponic ZipGrow Towers providing a growing canopy of 12,240ft.

Blendhub will present at Food 4 Future a Food-as-a-Service platform to help food companies innovate anywhere in the world

Together with some of its partners, Chemometric Brain, 3D Essence Food, LeanPio and Indespan, they will present innovative solutions in quality control, personalized nutrition, food surplus utilization and waste management.

How Synthetic Data will Revolutionize Agriculture

Synthetic data is not a replacement for original data, but a secondary source, one that can reduce the time, cost, and effort in obtaining original data. It offers great potential in reducing the time and investment of bringing new agricultural products to market.

Feed Processors "Test Drive" Conveyors at World-Class Facility

At state-of-the-art OEM testing facility, feed processors can verify the performance of their product and receive expert consultation on tubular disc and cable conveyors

MicroHarvest announces strategic partnership with Simon Capital to accelerate path to commercialization

• Strategic partnership will provide MicroHarvest with invaluable expertise, accelerating the scale-up and manufacturing of its award-winning sustainable protein • New investment brings total funding raised by MicroHarvest to over EUR 10M • Announcement of partnership with Simon Capital coincides with the launch of new Lisbon office on May 4th, marking a significant milestone in journey towards commercialization

Eden Green Scales Fresh Produce Distribution to Redefine $20B Lettuce Industry

The company announces milestone growth and greenhouse expansion plans to increase access to fresh, sustainable produce

Tidal Grow® AgriScience Integrates Biology and Chemistry to Fundamentally Change the Future of Agriculture

Launching out of stealth with new technologies to solve agriculture's greatest challenges, they have redefined the crop input equation

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