Farmers Edge and Gevo Enter Collaboration on Climate-Smart Farm-to-Flight Project

The companies will work with growers spanning three states to track and quantify the carbon intensity impact of climate-smart practices helping to accelerate the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and low-CI ethanol

AGCO Launches PTx, a Precision Ag Portfolio to Accelerate Technology Transformation

New leading brand combines precision technologies of Precision Planting and PTx Trimble

SmartSights Newly Released SmartBundle Offers Tailored Process Data

Software elevates operations and improves efficiencies

Verdant Technologies to Partner with Sobeys Inc. on Innovation to Eliminate Ice from Sobeys' Broccoli Supply Chain with HarvestHold Fresh®

Produce packing innovation extends shelf-life, replaces ice, and creates transport efficiencies.

IdeeLab Joins the Ginkgo Technology Network to Provide Agriculture Companies in Brazil with End-to-End Product Development & Manufacturing Service

Ginkgo customers will now have access to IdeeLab's local strain discovery capabilities, as well as the ability to manufacture next-generation products in IdeeLab's manufacturing facilities

Semios + Agworld Tease The Next Revolution in Ag: Farming Made Simple™

Semios + Agworld are thrilled to kick off a groundbreaking teaser campaign today, led by CEO Sumer Johal. This initiative marks a pivotal point in agriculture, ushering in an era where farming becomes easier, thanks to innovative AI technology.

Water's Journey: Inside a Hydroponic Container Farm

In this blog, Pure Green we'll describe the journey that water takes through a hydroponic system like ours, from the second it enters the unit to the minute it exits.

Drogo Drones Empowers Rural Women in NaMo Drone Didi Initiative

By integrating women into the agricultural supply chain as drone pilots, the initiative fosters economic independence and enhances the efficiency of farming practices.

Signode Adapts to Evolving Dairy Industry Trends with EndraTM Horizontal Strapping System

Adding Flexibility and Load Stability to End-of-Line Packaging Process

Zilliant to Supply AGCO with Modernized Pricing for Agricultural Machinery

-AGCO Corporation will deploy a single global pricing program powered by Zilliant -Prices for AGCO's highly configurable products with extensive options can be tailored to individual brands and regions -Faster, more market-relevant pricing gives manufacturers a competitive advantage

Improving Post Harvest Management through Portable Solar Cold Storage Systems - A Case Study from the Northeastern Part of India

The local farmers were informed about the Solar-Powered Cold Storage through the field staff and the District Agriculture Department. About 40 farmers started using Solar Cold Storage facilities in a year, primarily for storing potatoes.

Hyperspectral Imaging in Food Inspection Requires the Processing Speed of CoaXPress Frame Grabbers

More accurate than human inspectors, machine vision systems can scan food for a variety of unique characteristics, such as its ripeness, size, shape, and color, as well as to detect the presence of blemishes, stems, seeds or dirt. Besides exerting influence on a product's appearance, these characteristics measure its nutritional content and suitability for preservation.

Aqua-Yield® and WestLink Ag Solidify Agreement to Bring Company's Full-range of Products to the Storefront

WestLink Ag will offer nanoparticle-based products to customers in 42 locations

Trina Solar Powers New Zealand's Largest Solar Farm with Integrated Module-Tracker Solution

Ample space between panel rows and a 2-meter tracker height facilitates agrivoltaic farming, allowing solar energy generation alongside agricultural activities. This is crucial in markets with large agricultural industries coupled with increasingly scarce land resources.

Cracking the Industrial Cheesemaking Code with Stäubli Robotics at CheeseExpo 2024

Discover how Stäubli's specialized food robots help cheesemakers maintain optimal food safety while boosting productivity

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