SWIIM Expands Distribution with San Joaquin Valley-Based Ag Service Consortium

The companies partnering with SWIIM are affiliates of Ag Center 59 - a consortium of agricultural professionals working together to provide quality, needed services through a team of industry leaders. Under the agreement, Ag Center 59's affiliates will assist in further bolstering sales and distribution of SWIIM's water accounting solutions to San Joaquin Valley growers and water districts concerned about the impending implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

Grow North Announces Second Annual Food | Ag | Ideas Week

Entrepreneurs, industry leaders and problem solvers come together to drive visibility, connectivity and growth for Minnesota's food and agriculture sector.

ICL Innovates With Amazon Web Services to Deliver Digital Services to Agriculture Professionals

ICL will leverage leading capabilities from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage the data of its new open digital services platform

HerdX is a Finalist at New Zealand Awards Ceremony

The American Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand honored the Texas based data company as the only company recognized for two awards

ICL Innovates With Amazon Web Services to Deliver Digital Services to Agriculture Professionals

ICL will leverage leading capabilities from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage the data of its new open digital services platform

XAG Combats Pests with Crop Spraying Drones

Debug the Fall Armyworm

HarvestPort Launches New Service Levels for Inputs Program to Help Growers Plan, Forecast and Cut Costs on Inputs

The HarvestPort Inputs Program leverages the strength of farmers' collective buying power to generate the best prices on crop inputs and other supplies.

Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley Leads Series A Funding Round for Advanced Farm Technologies

Latest Investment Reflects Yamaha's Venture Capital Investment Company's Core Interest in Businesses Driving Innovation in the Agricultural Sector

XAG and Huawei Cooperate on 5G-powered Smart Agriculture

XAG has developed drones, internet-of-things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and other digital farming tools to help farmers effectively grow high-quality produce without exerting excessive environmental pressure on the planet. Specifically, with improved efficiency and user experience, 5G is expected to become a new catalyst to accelerate the development of intelligent agriculture.

Central Coast Propane of Paso Robles Has Released a Report About the Benefits of Flaming for Weed Control

Springtime weeds quickly become a nuisance to gardeners, farmers, and anyone trying to keep the sprouting vegetation under control. Central Coast Propane of Paso Robles has a solution to herbicides, hoeing, tilling and hand pulling and has published a report about the benefits of using flaming for weed control.

HES Partners with OneSoil to Solve Problems Within the Agricultural Lending Sector

HiEnd Systems and OneSoil entered into a partnership to offer banks in the agricultural lending sector state-of-the-art loan recovery and credit scoring software.

Golden Harvest connects with John Deere Operations Center for farmer-focused data integration

This fall, Golden Harvest is connecting with the John Deere Operations Center through John Deere's API services so that farmers will be able to receive better recommendations via E-Luminate®, the Golden Harvest digital ag platform.

FoodChain ID's David Gould to Present at Expo East

"The Future of Organic: Relevance & Scalability"

Bayer Invests in Future of Agriculture Through Multi-Year Commitment to 4-H and FFA

Commitment Helps Accelerate the Skills Needed for Future of Food and Agriculture

Premier Crop Systems® Launches Data Visualization Platform and Yield Efficiency Score

The Data Visualization platform is focused on grower dashboards and group benchmarking ultimately showcasing a Yield Efficiency Score for growers' operations.

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E+E Elektronik - Agricultural Monitoring Products

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