Nano-Yield® Introduces NanoCote™: A Revolutionary Nanotechnology for Granular Fertilizers

NanoCote Core is the first product engineered to complement existing fertilizers, elevating the performance of the granular fertilizer industry to new heights.

Leading the charge in nanotechnology innovation for fertilizers, adjuvants, and crop chemistries, Nano-Yield® proudly unveils the NanoCote™ brand, a ground breaking nanotechnology-based granular fertilizer coating. NanoCote Core is the first product engineered to complement existing fertilizers, elevating the performance of the granular fertilizer industry to new heights.

Nano-Yield CEO and CoFounder Clark Bell expressed his excitement, stating, "We are thrilled with the development of NanoCote over the past several years. Through extensive lab and field trials, we have harnessed the incredible potential of nanotechnology to enhance every aspect of the farming experience when added to granular fertilizers."

Nano-Yield President and COO Mark Slavens highlighted the ease of use and benefits of this technology, saying, "Our team is proud to have engineered this technology in a way that is seamless for blending operations. You can spray it on any type of dry granular fertilizer. It dries very quickly without heat or any other specialized equipment." Director of Research & Development, Garrett Olsen, explains that the nanoparticles serve as a delivery mechanism, with a primary focus on increasing nutrient uptake by plants. "Our goal was to create a user-friendly formulation that maximizes plant nutrition. Every component in NanoCote products serves a purpose and drives the entire formulation."

NanoCote Core brings substantial benefits to farmers and blenders, along with positive impacts on soils and the environment. Brooke Rosqvist, NanoCote Brand Manager, emphasized these outcomes, stating, "NanoCote Core reduces dust, cleans machinery, and minimizes wear and tear on equipment, benefiting both farmers and blenders. Moreover, it boasts impressive sustainability credentials by being biodegradable, setting a new standard for environmentally friendly granular applications. This will especially be appealing to those interested in regenerative ag practices."

The NanoCote brand marks the Nano-Yield Company's entry into granular fertilizer applications, compatible with any coating, allowing farmers to enhance their preferred products while improving nutrient uptake. NanoCote Core is now available for distribution in the United States.

About Nano-Yield™: Founded in 2014, the Nano-Yield™ company is a pioneering force in the world of nanotechnology, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible at the nanoscale. As a leading innovator in the field, Nano-Yield leverages cutting-edge research and groundbreaking nano solutions to create a profound impact in the agriculture and turf industries. With a commitment to precision, quality, and sustainable advancements, Nano-Yield strives to bring their patented nanotechnology to growers worldwide. For the latest information about Nano-Yield and their transformative work, please visit their official website at

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