Brand new Orio ag. robot from Naïo Technologies selected among Top 10 New Products at World Ag Expo 2022

Naïo Technologies, the leader in autonomous Ag robots, has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and 60,000 hours of operations under real world conditions. With US headquarters located in Salinas (CA), Naïo Technologies has been operating agricultural robots in North America since 2019.

HerdX® Unveils RFID Livestock Tracking Solution Tailored to Independent Cattle Producers

HerdX, Inc., an agri-tech company based in Texas, unveiled an RFID-enabled livestock herd management tracking solution engineered specifically for cow/calf producers, stockers and feedlot operators. The HerdX® system, called HerdView™, is currently being demo'd at the 2022 NCBA Trade Show in Houston through February 3rd.

Raven Introduces DuraCinch™ Strapping System for Grain Storage

Advanced strapping system secures grain covers, provides long-lasting protection against wind and weather

Greeneye Technology's Precision Spraying System to be Tested in Farmers Business Network On-Farm Field Trials

Unique AI-Enabled Precision Spraying Technology Reduces Herbicide Use by 78% on Average, Improves Weed Control Efficacy, Provides Precise Data Analytics from the Field, and Reduces Resistance and Drift

Abundant Robots Launches to Help Farmers Further Streamline the Harvesting Process

Using advanced computer vision and machine learning, the agricultural platform is expanding Wavemaker Labs' AgTech portfolio

Biome Makers Appoints Global Head of Marketing Sarah Basiri

Biome Makers Inc., the AgTech leader providing the standard in soil analysis, appoints Sarah Basiri as Global Head of Marketing.

GreenLight Biosciences and Germains Seed Technology Partner to Explore Development of World's First dsRNA Seed Treatment to Control Pests

GreenLight Biosciences and Germains Seed Technology, an industry leader in seed treatment technologies, today announced a research partnership agreement that could lead to the first commercial use of RNA as a seed treatment to control crop diseases and offer options to farmers looking for innovative solutions.

$3M Dpt. of Energy Grant Awarded to Design 'NitroNet' for SMARTFARM

The project has the potential to transform the emissions assessment of farms. N2O is an extremely powerful greenhouse gas, with an environmental impact of 300:1 when comparing one pound of N2O to one pound of CO2.1 A large portion of the N2O in the atmosphere is emitted indirectly, and with large variability in space and time, as a byproduct of fertilization of croplands.

Biome Makers announces updates to BeCrop Biological Soil Analysis

Biome Makers announces updates to BeCrop® Biological Soil Analysis. Growers used to have to wait until after the growing season to determine the success of their crops, but now BeCrop® provides an overview of the current soil performance, adding a biological dimension to the world of soil testing.

Saudi Arabia and UAE AgTech Firm Red Sea Farms Selects WaterScarce US states for International Expansion

· Technologies developed and delivering commercial and environment benefits in the Middle East to be deployed in US · Potential to be used in water-scarce and abundant sunlight parts of the US · Low energy, waterless climate control technologies and salt tolerant crops to be trialled with expected freshwater savings of up to 90% · Designed to improve food security, increase yields and deliver better margins for farmers

Agilent and A*STAR's SIFBI Sign Research Collaboration Agreement to Advance Singapore Agri-Food Industry

SIFBI is a research institute under the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore. This collaboration aims to bring state-of-the-art science and technology to drive innovation in food, nutrition, ingredients, industrial biotechnology, and related applications.

FBN® Launches Farmers First™ Product Line for Adjuvants and Crop Nutrition in the U.S.

Portfolio poised to optimize crop protection and fertilizer programs as farmers seek solutions to price and supply concerns

Exceptionally high speed and dynamics

With its speed and torque, the new AM3248 stepper motor from FAULHABER raises the bar in terms of performance and dimensions. Offering up to 10,000 rpm, it can achieve five times the speed of comparable stepper motors.

Scale Microgrid Solutions To Develop Modular Microgrid for Trinity Fruit Company

With zero dollars down from Trinity, Scale Microgrid Solutions will deploy their Rapid Response Modular Microgrid (R2M2), incorporating solar, energy storage, smart controls, and backup dispatchable generation to provide clean resilience and further reduce the overall environmental footprint of the facility.

Soli Organic CEO Matt Ryan Joins Keynote Line-Up For Indoor Ag-Con Las Vegas 2022

Soli Organic CEO Matt Ryan will lead the day two opening morning keynote address for the 9th annual edition of Indoor Ag-Con, Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 2022, at Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, NV. Themed "Growing Your Business," the premier trade show and conference for indoor|vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture will give attendees the opportunity to explore new resources on the expo floor and hear from Ryan, other CEO headliners, thought leaders and industry experts from today's cutting-edge farms and CEA companies.

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Compressed Air Open Blowing White Paper

Compressed Air Open Blowing White Paper

Compressed air is a limited resource that is generated in-house for the benefit of many operations within the manufacturing environment. Learn how to ensure all point of use applications are using your compressed air in the most effective and efficient way possible. Learn how much it costs to produce that compressed air and how Engineered Nozzles can help you use your air more effectively and efficiently.