VoltServer Digital Electricity™ Will Power the Next Iteration of Tech-Enabled Vertical Farming at Hardee Fresh

VoltServer, the pioneering leader in fault-managed power solutions, is excited to announce its continued collaboration with Hardee Fresh, enabling the vertical farm to achieve greater control over indoor growing conditions while using less electricity.

To support the rising demand for its organic leafy greens, Hardee Fresh is building a new facility in Americus, GA, which will be completed in 2025 and is set to become the largest vertical farm in the world. The 340,000-square-foot farm will produce more than 15 million heads of lettuce annually while requiring only 1% of the water used by traditional outdoor farming operations.

By working with VoltServer, Hardee Fresh can leave AC power distribution behind for remote centralized DC power design. VoltServer Digital Electricity solutions will simplify safe power distribution across the new facility and ensure energy-efficient operations to decrease operating costs.

This technology will also reduce the equipment, time, and labor requirements associated with traditional power distribution systems, allowing Hardee Fresh to open its second vertical farm facility faster to keep up with customer demand year-round.

After realizing the benefits of using Digital Electricity—the safest, most energy-efficient power distribution and control infrastructure available—in its first indoor grow facility, Hardee Fresh wanted to achieve those same outcomes in its second location.

"VoltServer enables us to meticulously manage lighting strategies and environmental conditions," explains Halton A. Peters, PhD, cofounder and president at Hardee Fresh. "Centralizing LED power supplies outside of the moist growing areas enhances airflow and heat management. It also significantly reduces maintenance costs due to increased LED reliability. This system offers superior remote control and monitoring capabilities for our LEDs as well, allowing us to focus on what we do best: optimizing the growing process to achieve higher yields and healthier crops."

"We're excited to continue our work with Hardee Fresh," states James Eaves, director of indoor agriculture at VoltServer. "They'll be able to overcome many of the deployment obstacles that farm designers have struggled with for years to improve resiliency, safety, and the growing environment."

VoltServer and Hardee Fresh share the same mission and passion for making the world safer and more sustainable. Their work serves as inspiration for controlled environment agriculture and illustrates what's possible through technology.


About VoltServer

As electricity needs continue to grow and evolve, VoltServer is solving the world's power distribution demands through its patented and intelligent Digital Electricity solutions. From state-of-the-art venues to vertical farms and beyond, it delivers proven power distribution solutions that are intelligently efficient, inherently safe, and setting a new standard for reliability, resiliency, and reach. Learn more at www.voltserver.com.


About Hardee Fresh

Hardee Fresh is an indoor vertical farming company focused on organic leafy-green lettuces and herbs. Its farmers combine traditional farming practices with cutting-edge technology to create new possibilities in organic vertical farming. The company's all-natural and organic produce connects more Americans to clean, safe, and healthy food choices. Learn more at www.hardeefresh.com.


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