80 Acres Farms Announces New Grab-and-Go Meals

Today, 80 Acres Farms, an Ohio-based vertical farming company, is announcing two new additions to its line of clean, pesticide-free premium salad kits -- Hail, Caesar! and Zing N' Zen. The kits launched at approximately 200 Kroger stores in Cincinnati and Columbus earlier this month. This summer, they will join the company's other grab-and-go meals at retail locations across the eastern United States.

Hail, Caesar! is the 80 Acres Farms version of a consumer favorite, with romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan cheese, herbed croutons, and Mother Raw® brand roasted garlic Caesar dressing, plus chickpeas and hearts of palm for added flavor and protein. Zing N' Zen, the company's first vegan salad kit, is a punchy blend of crisp green lettuce, cashews, sesame sticks, gingered carrots, and marinated cabbage, with Mother Raw® brand sesame ginger dressing.

"Since we introduced salad kits last year, retailers have been expanding the category, because consumers are looking for healthy, portable, on-the-go options that fit their busy lifestyles," says Grant Rice, the company's Vice President of Sales. "With a cleaned-up Caesar and a vegan option, we are responding to that demand and reaching more people."

The company released its first three grab-and-go meals in September 2023. Supported by a tremendous consumer response to product benefits, including pesticide-free lettuce and ingredients with "no artificial anything," they have quickly expanded to more than 1,000 retail locations. Last week, the company announced that it had purchased the Mother Raw® premium salad dressing brand, which will increase efficiency and support product development and store expansion.


About 80 Acres Farms
80 Acres Farms, a vertical farming leader based in Hamilton, Ohio, operates indoor farms built with world-class technology and analytics by the Company's tech-focused subsidiary, Infinite Acres. 80 Acres Farms provides consumers with a range of pesticide-free harvests that last longer at home, reducing food waste and exceeding the highest standards in food safety. Consumers can find the Company's branded salads, salad kits, herbs, and tomatoes at retailers, including Kroger, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, Fresh Thyme, Meijer, Dorothy Lane Markets, and multiple food service distributors.


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