Neboda Farms Adopts Skytree Direct Air Capture Unit for More Sustainable Carbon Dioxide Production

Skytree, a pioneering climate tech company dedicated to advancing innovative CO2 capture and reutilization solutions, today announced that vertical indoor farming company, Néboda Farms, has joined the company’s Pioneer Program and will deploy the Skytree Cumulus Direct Air Capture (DAC) unit early next year. Once installed, Néboda Farms will have the ability to generate up to 12 kg per day of clean and affordable CO2 directly on its farm to improve sustainable production of food.


Néboda Farms expects to reduce CO2 costs by 79% using Skytree DAC technology.


“As pioneers in the vertical farming sector, we are very happy to serve as early adopters of DAC technology and collaborate with Skytree as they bring the first onsite CO2 generating units to market,” said Iván García Besada, Néboda Farms CEO. “Joining the Pioneer Program is a win-win for Néboda and Skytree. DAC technology has the potential to further elevate the sustainability benefits of vertical farming. We intend to encourage adoption of the technology by other companies. By implementing this game changer technology, Néboda will achieve a reduction in CO2 costs of up to 79%. We will play a key role in the decarbonization of the value chain and, more broadly, in the reduction of the CO2 levels in the atmosphere.”


Based in Spain, Néboda Farms’ mission is to revolutionize agriculture and produce fresher, tastier, nutritious, and pesticide-free food more sustainably. In a demanding fresh produce market, the vertical farming company succeeds in introducing products of distinctive quality and marketing them to the finest restaurants, with a special emphasis on basil, the company's flagship product. In the future, the company plans to venture into the retail sector with basil and salad mixes, while continuing to expand production capacity.


Néboda Farms deploys and leverages a wide range of proprietary technologies, automation and control processes, robotics, and big data to support its production processes in order to offer competitive prices, which is one of the pain points in the vertical farming sector. In joining Skytree’s Pioneer Program, the company will be among the first to benefit from DAC technology, transitioning away from the traditional fossil fuel-based CO2 supply chain.


Skytree’s proprietary DAC technology captures CO2 from ambient air, filters it using a patented process, and stores it in pressurized buffer tanks from where it can be accessed and reused by any business in regular need of concentrated CO2. Skytree Cumulus, the first commercially available modular unit, will deliver a reliable and uninterrupted supply to CEA businesses, helping to alleviate procurement and transport challenges. In September, the company announced the commercial availability of the Skytree Cumulus units and the launch of the Pioneer Program, which offers priority delivery of Cumulus units, when they ship early in 2024, at a temporarily reduced price.


“Vertical farms need CO2 to operate effectively and profitably,” said Camille Hanna, Skytree Business Development Director. “Néboda Farms is among the first of many controlled environment agriculture businesses that will benefit from the ability to generate its own CO2 onsite. And they will do so in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way, bypassing the harmful processes used by fossil fuel companies. We are very excited to welcome Néboda Farms to the Skytree Pioneer Program and look forward to helping the company meet its CO2 needs using our proprietary DAC technology.”


For more information about Skytree Cumulus or to join the Pioneer Program, please click here.


About Skytree:

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Amsterdam, Skytree harnesses CO2 from ambient air through the power of direct air capture technology (DAC). By providing local, onsite CO2 generation across multiple markets including indoor farming, greenhouses as well as mineralization, Skytree enables a transition away from fossil fuel-based industrial processes and avoids transport to where the CO2 is needed.  The company's core technology captures CO2 from ambient air. The modular technology can be set up quickly at any location and scaled to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.


Born out of the European Space Agency (ESA), during the development of a CO2 scrubber, space scientists evaluated over 50 sorbents. Skytree founder, Max Beaumont, was a system engineer on this team and spun out the technology through the ESA incubator program 'ESA-BIC'. With a decade of research & development, the company has since registered 17 patents, in 5 patent families across US, Europe, and China and is ready to monetize the technology through multiple use cases.


Skytree Cumulus units are available for ordering today to generate an independent and reliable CO2 supply.


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