AgLaunch Seeks Transformational AgTech Startup Applicants for Farmer-Focused AgLaunch365 Accelerator Program

Applications are open from now to Sept. 4 for the 2024 AgLaunch365 Accelerator program, a one-of-a-kind, farm-immersive business development experience for startups with a product or service that has the potential to be transformative in production agriculture.

The accelerator offers three key benefits to participants: farm-centric programming with facilitators who have deep ag expertise; farm trials executed and tracked by a team with agronomic, livestock, and data management expertise; and farmer engagement throughout the process.

The AgLaunch365 Accelerator was developed by Memphis-based non-profit, AgLaunch, which works with a national network of innovative farmers who provide field trials, farm data, investment, and peer-to-peer scale to move low-regulatory technologies such as robotics and biologic inputs from idea to revenue.

“AgLaunch365 is like no other accelerator experience because early in the process we bring in farmers to help review, select, trial and invest in new technologies that offer real solutions to some of the most pressing problems in agriculture,” said Margaret Oldham, AgLaunch Vice President of Innovation. “Startups benefit by having a partner with a vested interest in their success and by having access to AgLaunch’s national network of innovative farmers, who will also be on their cap table as early investors.”

AgLaunch365 is aimed at startups in the pre-seed to seed stages who have a prototype or minimum viable product that is ready to trial on the farm in the row crop, specialty crop or livestock sectors. The program targets startups solving problems specific to the farm such as water use and management, farm labor shortages, soil health and regenerative practices, production efficiency and nutrient optimization, climate-smart technologies, animal and worker well-being, as well as biosecurity and traceability.

“We believe that the future of agriculture will include more regenerative farming practices, value-creation through ecosystem services, and more differentiated products in the value-chain and we’re seeking companies that can help farmers now, while paving the way to this future,” said Pete Nelson, AgLaunch President.

Selection for AgLaunch365 is a three-step process. Startups first fill out an application at by Sept. 4. AgLaunch farmers then vote on the applicant technologies, and selected startups advance to virtual pitch and interview with a committee of farmers, investor partners and a Farm Journal representative. Startups that advance attend an in-person “challenge” program, where contenders refine their value proposition and make a final pitch to farmers and investors in order to earn a seat in the AgLaunch365 Accelerator.

Winners will participate in the AgLaunch365 Accelerator to focus on product and business development in a multiphase approach over a two-year period. The experience kicks off with a six-week business development session that includes farmer input and interaction with industry leaders and investors on go-to-market strategy, product development in farm trials and fundraising. After the accelerator, startups are ready to implement farm trials with AgLaunch’s farmer network and farm-trial platform across five regions that include the Mid-South, Southern Appalachia, the Southern Plains, the Mid-West and Northwest. Start-ups will be paired with farmers to trial their technologies on-farm, giving them the early ability to test, refine, and retest.

For more information about AgLaunch’s entrepreneurial programming and farm-centric innovation model visit

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About AgLaunch
AgLaunch is revolutionizing the way that innovations in agriculture and food are brought to market by bridging the present and future to grow a more diverse and sustainable farm economy and provide healthy food for all. AgLaunch leverages its distributed network of farm incubators, entrepreneurial farmers, aligned capital partners, research consortia, technical consulting, and best-in-class accelerator programming to effectively challenge the status quo and thoughtfully create value for farmers and the communities they serve. The AgLaunch vision is a transformed regional agriculture and food economy centered around farmers, innovation, and prosperity. AgLaunch has been designated as a Regional Innovation Cluster by the Small Business Administration, the only one focused on production agriculture. For more information visit

About Farm Journal
Farm Journal is the nation’s leading business information and media company serving the agricultural market. Started 142 years ago with the preeminent Farm Journal magazine, the company serves the row crop, livestock, produce and retail sectors through branded websites, eNewsletters and phone apps; business magazines; events; nationally broadcasted television and radio programs; a robust mobile text marketing business; and an array of data-driven paid information products. Farm Journal also is the majority shareholder of the online equipment marketplace, Machinery Pete LLC. In 2010, the company established the non profit, public charity Farm Journal Foundation dedicated to sustaining agriculture’s ability to meet the vital needs of a growing population through education and empowerment.


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