Smart ocean research pod to protect coastlines and grow food

Tekmara, developer of sustainable ocean-based growing and coastal protection systems, today announced the installation of their first smart ocean research and monitoring pod in Sarasota, Florida. The research pod is a key component of Tekmara’s plan to launch grow pods that can produce food without the use of conventional fresh water, power, or soil. This alternative approach to agriculture will allow communities threatened by rising sea levels and drought to sustain themselves.


“Drought is a problem that is global, and very real. Agriculture uses close to 70% of the fresh water from the ground. In some parts of the world, the number is even higher. We have to create solutions for producing food and water that make sense environmentally and financially,” said Todd Kleperis, Founder of startup Tekmara.


The research pod features water quality and environmental sensors, cameras, and other technology for detecting threats to the nearby coastal waters. In preparation for its next generation as a grow pod, the Tekmara team has installed a few unusual items including a habitat for mushrooms.


Kleperis stated, “we’re committed to finding ways to partner with the ocean to grow food and at the same time protect coastline habitats from pollution and erosion. This is both future-proofing and defense. We’re supercharging one thousand year-old ideas.” Referring to the floating gardens found on rivers and lakes in Cambodia, Thailand, and other countries in Asia, he continued, “Our team is applying technology to drive down the cost of the inputs of power and water for now. Later we’ll work on reducing the cost of labor, as well. The smart pods will be a big part of this effort.”


About Tekmara
Tekmara is building a vertically integrated business focused on helping communities quench, feed, and empower people to partner with and protect the ocean. Founded in 2022, Tekmara’s technology enables companies innovative, ocean-forward solutions to achieve their ESG and Sustainability goals. The team is actively seeking partnerships and investment. For more information or to schedule interviews with the company principles, please contact Kelli Vowels, Executive Director at

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