ERGOPONIC & Harvest Today Announce A Strategic Partnership To Develop An Optimized Containerized Solution

Vannes, FR & Broomfield, CO – ERGOPONIC and Harvest Today have jointly announced a new partnership to develop an innovative product. This will incorporate Harvest Today's flagship product, the Harvest Walls, and ERGOPONIC's industrial capacity. The partnership will bring together two companies in the agriculture technology industry, both committed to sustainability and efficiency. Together, they aim to deliver a solution that will be profitable for its users.


The agriculture industry is increasingly focused on sustainability and efficiency, and ERGOPONIC and Harvest Today are committed to addressing these challenges. By combining their expertise, they aim to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of modern agriculture and future demand in various segments.


This innovative collaboration aims to optimize space and enhance plant growth, resulting in more efficient use of resources, higher yields, and better quality crops. In addition to these critical objectives, the partnership is committed to limiting energy consumption and minimizing CAPEX and OPEX. This will be achieved through carefully selecting materials and equipment to be incorporated into the final product, ensuring maximum efficiency and sustainability.


SEPEC Consults CEO, Jean-Luc Achard, announced the establishment of Ergoponic and a partnership with Harvest Today to market containers equipped with Harvest Today's harvesting walls and CEA control. “The partnership expands the reach of both companies into new markets across three continents, presenting a significant opportunity for the indoor farming sector's international development. The collaboration aims to offer unique performance and combines the innovative approaches of both companies, contributing to the growth and development of the industry.”


Rick Langille, Founder and CEO of Harvest Today said “we are very encouraged by this collaboration with Ergoponic. The scalability of both the Harvest Wall and Ergoponic’s engineering creativity serves the Controlled Environment Ag business very well. Plants will thrive in this method of growing better plants.”


ERGOPONIC and Harvest Today are excited about the opportunities their partnership brings to the industry. They invite readers to learn more about their innovative solutions and how they are transforming the future of agriculture.



Ergoponic is an AgTech company providing end-users with modular solutions for optimized crop growth in controlled environments. Using control software, our indoor farms in containers can grow various crops, including leafy greens, fruits, and flowers. We aim to provide the food supply chain with locally-produced, sustainable crops while reducing environmental impact. Our farms use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers and conserve water and energy to grow fresh and nutritious food cost-effectively. Learn more at


About Harvest Today

Harvest Today is an agri-tech company that empowers global and local communities to be able to grow fresh produce closer to home and promote the harvest revolution. Our goal is to harvest and produce year-round crops and vegetables through our scalable indoor growing system solution. Learn more at


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