New Ultraviolet Lighting from TCP Kills Germs, Recirculates Fresh Air

Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP), the industry leader in innovation for commercial and residential LED lighting, is excited to announce its first line of LED lighting that reduces the amount of active microbes in the indoor air while it illuminates.

Aurora, Ohio - March 8, 2023 - Technical Consumer Products, Inc. (TCP), the industry leader in innovation for commercial and residential LED lighting, is excited to announce its first line

of LED lighting that reduces the amount of active microbes in the indoor air while it illuminates.

How Innovative PurEssentials Line Addresses Marketplace Demands
The timing is perfect as the COVID era of spending more time at home has increased consumer demand for homes that nurture health and wellness. TCP's cutting-edge line of eco-friendly lamps and luminaires harnesses the germ-killing power of ultraviolet light to safely eliminate bacteria and viruses, then recirculates fresher, cleaner air in homes, workplaces and retail spaces. Three convenient and user-friendly products make up the TCP PurEssentials line: Purifying Downlights, Purifying Panels and Purifying A19s.

TCP's history of innovation is once again timely in response to recent studies that found ultraviolet light took less than five minutes to reduce the level of indoor airborne microbes by more than 98% - dramatically reducing the transmission of airborne germs when used indoors.

How UVC Light Kills Bacteria
Ultraviolet light in the shorter end of the spectrum (wavelengths of 200-300 nanometers) is called UVC light. This type of light provides effective radiation for neutralizing microorganisms, like common bacteria and the viruses that cause flu and COVID-19. UVA and UVB light are also less effective at killing germs. Although people and animals can be harmed by direct exposure to UVC radiation, PurEssentials lamps have been carefully designed to keep it completely contained so that none radiates out. All visible light emitted from any PurEssentials lamp is safe, non-UVC, standard LED lighting.

PurEssentials Products Utilizes Fans
Each PurEssentials lamp or luminaire utilizes a fan to circulate air, sweeping it across a fully enclosed ultraviolet (UVC) light, which effectively kills a host of airborne bacteria and viruses. The purified air is then recycled into the room. PurEssentials panels also include a HEPA filter to help eliminate dust particles, while others include customizable modes for illumination only, air purification only or simultaneous LED lighting and air purification.

Purifying Downlights - Upgrade your commercial or residential recessed lighting with these multitaskers. Available in both retrofit and snap-in versions, these downlights give you three convenient function options that easily change with the flip of a wall switch. Mode 1 delivers both brilliant LED lighting and UV air purification. Mode 2 emits only LED light, and Mode 3 allows only air purification.
● Color selectable: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
● 10 watts = 750 lumens LED
● 5-inch or 6-inch retrofit version
● 6-inch snap-in version
Purifying Panels - Mix these hybrid fixtures in with regular flat panels to upgrade any large
office, medical waiting area or retail space. These sleek luminaires not only emit color-selectable LED illumination while using UVC tech to kill germs — they also feature a built-in HEPA filter that removes dust particles from the air for even more purifying power.
● Available in 2x2 and 2x4 sizes
● Color selectable: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K

Purifying A19s - Whether they're replacing CFLs in a residential setting or filling out the ambient light in an office, PurEssentials Purifying A19s bring a fresh perspective to any space. These bulbs fit into most sockets with a standard E26 base and include our fully enclosed germ-killing UVC tech with 4000K LED illumination.


About TCP, Inc.
Founded in 1993 with its North American headquarters in Aurora, Ohio, Technical Consumer Products, Inc. is a leader in energy-efficient lighting innovations. TCP's extensive product offerings include LED lamps and fixtures, intelligent lighting control solutions and other energy-efficient lighting products. For more information, visit

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