RBTX Online Marketplace 2.0: Low-Cost Automation is now even easier

The intuitive design offers users an immediate overview of the right components and more than 100 cost-effective automation solutions

November 28, 2022 - igus®, the leading global manufacturer of engineered components to increase the service life of customers' machines, introduced Robotics Marketplace 2.0. The newly designed platform includes enhancements and additional features that make it even easier for users to develop a low-cost robotics solution that matches their requirements and budget and allows robotics component suppliers to present their products to a larger public in a new marketplace.

Collecting all low-cost robotics options on one platform and making automation as easily accessible as possible is the goal of igus. The motion plastics specialist launched its RBTX.com robotics marketplace in 2019. The online platform brings users and providers of low-cost robotics together quickly and easily - allowing interested parties to find the individual components or complete solutions for their automation concepts that meet their requirements and budget.
"There are now 76 partners on our RBTX marketplace. RBTX is available in nine countries. Customers currently have 259 products to choose from - from robots, software, control systems, and power electronics to cameras, grippers, sensors, and motors," says Alexander Mühlens, Head of the Automation Technology and Robotics Business Unit at igus.
All components are combined and tested in advance to work together perfectly.
"We want to continuously add partners and products to our online marketplace so that users always have access to a wide range of up-to-date offers in this rapidly growing market segment," says Mühlens.
Reach your goal faster thanks to an improved user experience
One of the igus corporate goals is to "become the easiest company to deal with." This philosophy also applies to the usability of our online tools and platforms, such as RBTX.
"We have analyzed our website and obtained customer feedback to find out how we can further optimize the online marketplace and user experience. We hope the new design creates even more clarity and a marketplace-like character, allowing for more intuitive use. That way, anyone interested can find a suitable robotics solution as quickly and easily as possible," says Mühlens.
On the platform, customers can also find over 100 ready-made low-cost complete solutions and application examples with compatibility guarantees and a parts list. For instance, several bonding applications are available starting at $6,210. The new design allows users to filter results by application or industry, making searches even easier. There are now also other product categories, such as software. This also makes it easy to find G-code or CSV file converters and complete LabVIEW, MATLAB, and ROS node interfaces.
Get the best advice at every step of the way with RBTxpert
If users are unsure which automation solution is the right one or which components are required for their automation concept, they can get help from the RBTXpert. This service is available to users at every step on the website and can be booked directly for a consultation appointment. The service is provided by experienced igus automation experts who advise and assist interested parties, helping them find the right solution for any application. It involves a free video consultation, after which interested parties receive an individual fixed-price offer.
In a 400-square-meter customer testing area, the RBTXperts provide live video consulting every day and work with the customer to test the feasibility of the planned automation application. The robotics specialists then test the robot installation with the customer's workpiece, free of charge, within an hour. With "test before you invest," customers can easily submit their automation tasks.
"This service is being used more and more. In Germany, we currently have around ten tests per week. Customers then receive a handling test video with a fixed-price offer for the components they will need if they want to implement the application," says Mühlens. "Since the beginning, we have supported over 1,200 projects, and we advise an average of 25 customers per week in Germany alone. We provide interested parties with ideas and apply our expertise so everyone can easily find a suitable robotics solution without being slowed down by costs."
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igus® - Avoid corrosion & reduce wear with plastic parts

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