Surna Cultivation Technologies Signs Four New Engineering Contracts for Grow Operations Across the United States

Growth in engineering contracts tied to expanded product portfolio

CEA Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: CEAD) subsidiary, Surna Cultivation Technologies LLC, a leader in controlled environment agriculture (CEA) systems engineering and technologies, was recently awarded four engineering contracts for indoor farms across the United States.

Tony McDonald, CEA Industries Chairman and CEO stated, "I am proud of how our team continues to execute toward our strategic vision. Our strength comes from every team member's high expectations for our future."
Surna has seen an increase in cultivation facility owners' propensities to work with its engineering teams earlier in their projects. By being involved earlier in the process, Surna's engineers can provide a holistic system approach guided by the project's needs and facility constraints. These contracts indicate this correlation, and further validate Surna's expanded product offerings and strategic initiatives announced last year.
"Historically, cultivators have often decided on a particular manufacturer for their HVAC technology, even before engineering has started," said Kenneth Loshelder, P.E., Surna's Director of Engineering and Field Services. "With more system choices available from a single source through Surna, our clients can freely explore a variety of CEA climate control technology options, working with our engineering team to select the one that best serves their interests."
Recent Contracts
• California facility - mechanical and plumbing engineering
• Michigan facility - architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering
• Ohio facility - mechanical engineering
• Massachusetts facility - mechanical engineering

About CEA Industries Inc.
CEA Industries Inc. (, is home to industry leaders in controlled environment agriculture, with complementary and adjacent companies added to its portfolio when aligned with the company's growth initiatives. As the global environment for indoor cultivation continues to grow, CEA Industries was formed to embrace companies that support these ecosystems.
Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, CEA Industries knows that growth is a team sport. Through future partnerships and mergers and acquisitions, both financial and strategic, CEA Industries will continue its pursuit of companies that bring accretive value to its customers and investors.

About Surna Cultivation Technologies
Surna Cultivation Technologies (, is an industry leader in CEA facility design and technologies. We provide full-service licensed architectural and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineering services, carefully curated HVACD equipment, proprietary controls systems, air sanitization, lighting, and benching and racking products. Our team of project managers, licensed professional architects and engineers, technology and horticulture specialists and systems integrations experts help our customers by precisely designing for their unique applications. Through our partnership with a certified service contractor network, we provide installation and maintenance services to assist in a smooth build-out and optimal facility performance. We have been providing solutions to indoor growers for over 15 years and have served over 800 cultivators with over 200 of them being large, commercial projects.
Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, we leverage our experience in the industry to bring value-added solutions to our customers that help improve their overall crop quality and yield, optimize energy and water efficiency, and satisfy evolving state and local codes, permitting and regulatory requirements.

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