Wi-Fi HaLow opens new possibilities for remote monitoring and management of crops and livestock. From tracking soil moisture levels to monitoring animal behavior, IoT sensors powered by Wi-Fi HaLow can provide farmers and ranchers with real-time insights.

How Wi-Fi HaLow and Zetifi Technologies Are Accelerating Smart Farming
How Wi-Fi HaLow and Zetifi Technologies Are Accelerating Smart Farming

Prakash Guda, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management | Morse Micro

Wi-Fi HaLow, a long-range, low-power wireless protocol based on the IEEE 802.11ah standard and operating in the sub-GHz band, is widely considered to be one of the most promising wireless technologies for smart farming applications. Developed for the unique requirements of the IoT, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow solutions have proven to be compelling in indoor and outdoor IP security cameras, access control, smart doorbells, industrial automation and other IoT applications requiring long-distance connectivity, power efficiency, reliable coverage, Wi-Fi compatibility and advanced security.  Wi-Fi HaLow’s broad appeal is now set to be transformative for the world’s food supply.

Morse Micro, a leading provider of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED HaLow solutions, recently demonstrated the exceptional long-range capabilities of Wi-Fi HaLow. The company shattered Wi-Fi connectivity records with a live two-way video call over Wi-Fi HaLow extending an astounding 3 kilometers (nearly two miles) in San Francisco’s Ocean Beach neighborhood, showcasing the protocol’s ability to reach long distances in challenging real-world conditions.

It takes no stretch of the imagination to apply this record-setting protocol to the long-range connectivity needs of smart farming. Wi-Fi HaLow opens new possibilities for remote monitoring and management of crops and livestock. From tracking soil moisture levels to monitoring animal behavior, IoT sensors powered by Wi-Fi HaLow can provide farmers and ranchers with real-time insights into their operations, enabling more efficient resource allocation and maximizing yields.

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing farming, and now Wi-Fi HaLow, long range Wi-Fi reaching up to three kilometers away is helping Zetifi deliver on the promise of smart, connected farming technology.


Zetifi Taps Wi-Fi HaLow to Bridge the Digital Divide in Rural Areas

Aiming to revolutionize connectivity solutions for the agricultural sector, Morse Micro and Zetifi, an Australian wireless innovator, have teamed up to address the unique long-distance communications challenges faced by farmers and rural residents. The collaboration integrates Wi-Fi HaLow technology into Zetifi's innovative remote-area connectivity solutions, offering farmers unprecedented access to reliable, high-speed wireless connectivity across their operations.

Zetifi's existing products, ZetiCell and ZetiRover, serve as the backbone of farm-wide Wi-Fi connectivity. ZetiCell, a long-range Wi-Fi small cell, establishes connectivity in farmhouses or machinery sheds, while ZetiRover acts as a roaming Wi-Fi hotspot mounted on vehicles or machinery. The integration of Morse Micro's Wi-Fi HaLow technology promises to take these wireless solutions to the next level.

Developed as the first Wi-Fi standard optimized for the IoT, Wi-Fi HaLow’s extended range, enhanced penetration capabilities and power efficiency make it ideal for agricultural environments. With Morse Micro's Wi-Fi HaLow SoCs, farmers can overcome connectivity challenges posed by natural obstacles like terrain or vegetation, ensuring seamless communication between on-farm infrastructure and off-farm vehicles or machinery. Morse Micro's SoCs are compliant with the IEEE 802.11ah standard by supporting bandwidths ranging from 1 MHz to 8 MHz, translating to varying throughput capabilities that enable farmers to deploy data-intensive applications such as HD video streaming and two-way voice communication to low-bandwidth IoT sensor networks. Additionally, Wi-Fi HaLow's ultra-low power consumption enables the deployment of battery-powered wireless sensors, giving farmers the flexibility to place them wherever they are needed, even in remote locations where power outlets are not available.

The introduction of ZetiRover, powered by Morse Micro’s Wi-Fi HaLow technology, enables farmers to extend connectivity beyond traditional farm boundaries. This mobile hotspot facilitates communication between remote areas and central farm operations, unlocking new possibilities for precision agriculture, remote monitoring, and the integration of connectivity-dependent autonomous machinery.

Wi-Fi HaLow technology extends the range of Zetifi's connectivity solutions to up to 3 km, providing farmers with robust wireless connectivity across their expansive operations. By leveraging the power of Wi-Fi HaLow, farmers can optimize their workflows, improve productivity, and embrace the digital advancements reshaping the future of agriculture.

Introducing ZetiRover, powered by Morse Micro Wi-Fi HaLow technology, a vehicle-mounted roaming Wi-Fi hotspot used on off-farm passenger vehicles or farm machinery.


Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Agricultural Sector

To illustrate Morse Micro’s groundbreaking collaboration with Zetifi in the agricultural sector, here are several examples of how Wi-Fi HaLow can help transform smart farming:


Remote Monitoring with IoT Sensors: Wi-Fi HaLow enables the deployment of a multitude of IoT sensors across the farm, facilitating real-time monitoring of crucial parameters such as soil moisture, temperature, and crop health. With extended range and low power consumption, battery-powered wireless sensors can transmit critical data reliably over long distances, providing farmers with actionable insights to optimize irrigation schedules, detect crop diseases early, and make data-driven decisions for improved yield and resource management.


Precision Agriculture: Wi-Fi HaLow eases the deployment of precision agriculture techniques by enabling reliable communication between smart farming equipment and centralized control systems. From autonomous tractors to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), connected devices equipped with Wi-Fi HaLow can exchange data in real-time, enabling precise seeding, fertilization, and pesticide application based on localized soil conditions and crop requirements. This targeted approach minimizes input wastage, enhances crop quality, and maximizes yield potential while reducing environmental impact.


Enhanced Livestock Management: Wi-Fi HaLow’s compelling technology advantages enable uses beyond basic connectivity to remote areas of the farm. Real-time data from livestock using Wi-Fi HaLow enabled IoT solutions provides farmers with critical insights. By equipping cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock with smart collars or tags embedded with Wi-Fi HaLow-enabled sensors, farmers can monitor their health, location, and behavior in real-time. This data-driven approach enables early detection of illness, tracking of grazing patterns, and optimization of feeding schedules, leading to improved animal welfare, increased productivity, and reduced operational costs.


Mobile Connectivity Solutions: With the introduction of Wi-Fi HaLow-powered mobile hotspots like Zetifi’s ZetiRover, farm workers can stay connected across remote areas. Whether operating agricultural machinery or conducting field surveys, workers can access real-time data, communicate with colleagues, and leverage cloud-based applications seamlessly. This mobile connectivity enhances productivity, facilitates collaboration, and ensures that critical tasks are executed efficiently, independent of location.


Data-Driven Decision Making: By harnessing the power of Wi-Fi HaLow to establish a robust farm-wide wireless infrastructure, farmers can collect and analyze vast amounts of data generated by IoT devices, machinery, and environmental sensors. This data serves as a valuable resource for making informed decisions regarding crop selection, resource allocation, and risk management. Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms can leverage this data to provide predictive insights, helping farmers anticipate challenges, optimize workflows, and maximize profitability.



Wi-Fi HaLow technology holds immense promise for modern agriculture, offering a suite of solutions to enhance efficiency, productivity, and sustainability across the farming ecosystem. The collaboration between Morse Micro and Zetifi represents a significant step forward in leveraging wireless technology to accelerate the ongoing agricultural revolution. By leveraging the power of the IoT, precision agriculture, and mobile connectivity, farmers can unlock new opportunities for innovation, drive operational excellence, and navigate the challenges of feeding a growing global population.


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