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Insero builds simple controllers that can connect directly to your iPhone or iPad. You can log data, monitor speed, acres and volume, or even control your flow rate - everything directed by the user from an Apple device. No data charges or subscription fees necessary. Insero's Controllers are driven by a combination of GPS/GNSS, inertial systems and ground speed sensors. All information is recorded on the controller and can be moved to an Apple device or to the cloud - on demand. No Apple device is necessary for the controller to function. It can be setup and then left to operate as a stand-alone device. Insero is the creator of AgOtter, a flow monitor, rate control and data recording system designed for Orchard Spraying. A thick canopy of trees can block GPS satellites but it will not stop the AgOtter from functioning fully. Logging, monitoring and rate control will remain uninterrupted regardless of GPS status.

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