Across ACGO, all team members now have real-time transparency into dynamic product roadmaps. By increasing collaboration among AGCO brands and departments, teams can now focus more on product management and less on project management.

Gocious aids AGCO in their mission to help farmers feed the world through product roadmap innovation
Gocious aids AGCO in their mission to help farmers feed the world through product roadmap innovation

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AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural machinery as well as precision agricultural technology. Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, USA, AGCO had net sales of approximately $12.7 billion in 2022. AGCO is building farmer-focused

solutions to sustainably feed the world. Gocious partnered with AGCO to initiate systems thinking and help overhaul how product management teams approach their jobs. Providing a single source of truth, Gocious’ Product Roadmap Management solution (PRM) empowers AGCO with increased visibility into complex product roadmaps, with many inter-related components. Globally distributed teams can now manage multi-year long products, releases, and initiatives, saving the company countless hours in communication, while ensuring that teams have the most current information to make decisions.

Across ACGO, all team members now have real-time transparency into dynamic product roadmaps. By increasing collaboration among AGCO brands and departments, teams can now focus more on product management and less on project management. Gocious helps AGCO more effectively manage their global product portfolio, provide transparency and alignment across the company and react more quickly to changing conditions affecting product schedules."


Challenge & Solution


  • AGCO is developing multi-year, multi-volume products for the next generation of farmers but has been relying on legacy static systems, like email, spreadsheets, and presentation files to organize complex and dynamic product roadmaps. Brand owners, instead of regional management within AGCO, were beginning to own more of their global business lines, creating complexity for multiple product teams. Unable to handle this level of complexity, as well as the constant changes, the static systems led to internal processes becoming significantly slowed down, creating countless hours of unnecessary administrative work that had teams across the company spending more time on updating documents, tracking down statuses, and logging information manually.
  • The growing complexity of AGCO’s product offerings with component interdependencies and the integration of different technologies meant product, engineering, and other teams needed real-time details to help increase cooperation and output. AGCO was looking to get better at bringing products to market by turning strategic plans into visualizations based on customer needs.
  • Product teams across numerous in-house global brands were seeking cross-modularity to be more efficient at delivering new products that meet farmers’ evolving and dynamic demands. AGCO was searching for a partner to create a scalable solution that supports their globally distributed business in real-time.



  • AGCO sought out a partner that would rise to the challenge of embracing the company’s mission to support farmers across the globe. Gocious equally embraced ACGO’s mission and helped create a custom, flexible and comprehensive platform that combines cloud-based solutions with an agile ethos, culminating in the ultimate product roadmap management solution. Rather than rely on multiple documents and spreadsheets, product management teams now utilize a single source of truth for real time updates around multi-year product plans.
  • Leveraging Gocious’ PRM, AGCO now has the needed tools, organization, and agility to accomplish their greater business goals and forecast product portfolios. Gocious helped AGCO spend less time on project management tasks, like updating status reports and spreadsheets, and more time focusing on product development, creativity and addressing customer needs.


Tailored Implementation

AGCO's Criteria for Product Roadmap Innovation

Gocious helped AGCO accelerate their organizational shift towards Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) practices, scaling AGCO’s evolving business and giving teams more insight to make actionable decisions through a thoughtful and synergistic partnership. AGCO was looking for more than just a vendor, but for a partner that supported the company’s overall mission. Gocious developed specific tools and features that matched what AGCO was looking for, ensuring that the PRM solution was rolled out successfully. By providing a flexible and customizable solution to meet the evolving needs of AGCO, Gocious earned business trust, ensuring that AGCO had, ensuring that AGCO had a real-time view of their complex product portfolio roadmap details.

"We were invested in AGCO’s mission and wanted to provide a unique solution that equipped product teams with all the capabilities needed to make a difference. By understanding their challenges and relaying feedback in real-time, we pledged to help problem-solve solutions for AGCO’s portfolio management needs throughout the entire onboarding process. By taking the time to study AGCO’s goals, we aimed to ensure our solutions brought value to all product teams and decision-makers. We truly believe in AGCO’s core mission. When AGCO succeeds, their customers succeed." - Maziar Adl, CTO & co-founder, Gocious



  • By partnering with Gocious, AGCO now has a single source of truth for all product and development data that is shared across the entire global company. This helped product, engineering, finance, and other teams become less mired in tedious tasks and align their work with AGCO’s wider business goals.
  • AGCO now has a turnkey system that provides real-time status updates, gives stakeholders visibility into many product lifecycles and offers teams actionable insights to focus on evaluating new ideas, leading to expanded market opportunities.
  • Visuals are now generated automatically, giving management visibility into five to ten-year roadmaps with one-click. AGCO brands and teams can now show inter-dependencies on shared components and can execute more clearly their goal to help farmers feed the world.
  • Gocious helped accelerate AGCO’s migration to the Scaled Agile Framework, supercharging the firm’s digital transformation.
  • Teams across the organization who are impacted by product changes, such as sales, customer success, and engineering, find collaboration significantly easier thanks to Gocious’ snapshot view, cutting update times from weeks to seconds.
  • Product teams shifted from a project-based mindset to a product-based mindset. They now have a holistic view of the product vision and can focus on building products farmers want. AGCO's focus has shifted toward innovation and away from logistical support and resource management.


Partnership for Success

“Gocious has transcended the role of a mere product management tool for AGCO. We now have an environment that gives a 360-degree view of the entire AGCO product portfolio, can capture visuals and helps make decision-making easier. Our teams communicate more effectively, report to management more clearly, and engage ideas more thoughtfully. Gocious has helped modernize our approach and is infinitely better than PowerPoint and other legacy systems we’ve relied on in the past. We no longer spend time worrying about project management tasks that would slow us down. We can now focus on doing product management, setting our vision, and strategically planning the next generation of products. We couldn't have wished for a more exceptional partner to help us accomplish our goal to help farmers feed the world!” - Rodrigo Soeiro de Souza, Director, Global Product Roadmaps Management and Product Investment Prioritization, AGCO


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