Microgrid features Scale Microgrid Solution's standardized modules, including a rooftop solar array, natural gas generator and a lithium-ion battery energy storage system.

Scale Microgrid Solutions and Schneider Electric Power Indoor Farming Company Fifth Season to Deliver Reliable and Sustainable Food
Scale Microgrid Solutions and Schneider Electric Power Indoor Farming Company Fifth Season to Deliver Reliable and Sustainable Food

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Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and Scale Microgrid Solutions, a vertically integrated distributed energy and microgrid platform, today announced it will design, build and finance a microgrid for indoor farming pioneer Fifth Season. Scale Microgrid Solutions, will design, build, own, and operate the system for Fifth Season, utilizing its standardized microgrid modules. The microgrid will leverage Schneider Electric battery storage, switchgear, and advanced controls technology to deliver sustainable and dynamic energy management for Fifth Season's newest, highly autonomous vertical farm in Pittsburgh, PA.

Indoor vertical farms offer vast improvements compared to traditional agriculture – using zero pesticides, 95 percent less water and increased footprint productivity – but there are untapped opportunities to make them more productive, sustainable and energy efficient. The Fifth Season microgrid combines distributed energy resources, including a rooftop solar array, a battery energy storage system, a natural gas generator equipped with advanced emissions control technologies, and Fifth Season's precision agriculture platform to help the company reach its goal of efficiently producing 500,000 lbs. of local produce during the new facility's first year of full operation.

"Our vertical farm in Pittsburgh is reconnecting consumers to locally grown fresh food. This is a first step in solving some of the largest problems facing society caused by the broken food system, however, this industry must achieve long term economic and environmental sustainability," said Grant Vandenbussche, Chief Category Officer at Fifth Season. "This microgrid enables our journey to create a sustainable system that delivers healthier, fresher greens to local communities through both economic and environmental efficiencies."

The microgrid is being financed by Scale Microgrid Solutions' microgrid-as-a-service business model, helping Fifth Season save capital that can be used toward additional operational investments, while also immediately benefiting from more efficient, sustainable and economic energy consumption. Commissioning of the full energy system is scheduled for mid-2020 and it will be the first site of several that are to be constructed for Fifth Season in the next three years.

"Fifth Season is cognizant that vertical farming facilities can be energy intensive and by pairing solar generation with batteries to work with the grid, they will enable demand response, peak shaving and time of use pricing," said Drew Gravitt, a manager leading microgrid economic optimization business development for Schneider Electric. "We're excited to work alongside Scale Microgrid Solutions to help Fifth Season improve energy resilience and cost, while enabling renewable integration to meet its clean energy targets."

Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor (EMA), a cloud-based, demand-side energy management software platform, will be integrated to optimize the system's performance. By leveraging predictive and learning algorithms, EMA will empower Scale Microgrid Solutions to better manage the production and consumption of its renewable energy and control energy spend. The system will be equipped to operate in parallel with traditional utility electric services during normal operating conditions, and in "island mode" to ensure that the farm remains powered during unexpected outages.

Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Microgrid Operations (EMO), a complete microgrid controller providing network management, generation management, and protection management for stable and optimization will also be integrated. The hardware and software solution leverages key innovative concepts – such as streamlined operator experience, advanced DER and grid management, and scalability and performance – with pre-built and pre-tested core features to help customers unlock edge control. With this capability, customers achieve a more stable microgrid by increasing their use of renewable energy DER, improving execution time and enhancing cybersecurity.

Scale Microgrid Solutions' vertically integrated operation provides a one-stop-microgrid-shop for commercial and industrial customers. SMS's productized project platform and pioneering microgrid-as-a-service business model unlocks the microgrid value proposition by avoiding the significant capital and time commitments that accompany typical energy infrastructure projects, all while optimizing resources and cash flows to maximize resilience, cost savings, and sustainability benefits.

"As a company that already grows produce two-times more efficiently and with two-times the capacity of traditional vertical farming, we're helping Fifth Season's 60,000-square-foot facility reach its full potential with a smart, reliable and green energy system," closes Duncan Campbell, Vice President, Project Development at Scale Microgrid Solutions. "Together with Schneider Electric, we're working to address the energy challenges associated with indoor farming and driving the industry forward to meet the demands of growing populations."



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