LoRa Alliance® Unveils LoRaWAN® Development Roadmap; The Standard's Success Guides Its Future Evolution and Direction

Continuous innovation of the robust and high-capacity LoRaWAN open standard has led to the most LPWAN deployments globally across terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks (NTNs)

Ecorobotix's ARA Crop Sprayer Prepares for a Fruitful, or Rather "Vegetableful," 2024

With the dawn of the 2024 season, ARA sprayers have already embarked on their inaugural missions, signaling the commencement of another year filled with promise and productivity. From meticulously weeding California lettuce fields to detecting potato regrowth in Dutch onion fields, ARA continues to prove itself in versatility and efficiency.

Technology to Change the Farming & Fertilizer Industry Forever

BIOR Biotech has launched a technology designed to be implemented on every farm, revitalizing soil health and rapidly reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers by 25-75%.

Point One Delivers the First Highly Accurate and Easy-to-Use Precision Platform for Surveyors and Surveying Tool Manufacturers

Centimeter-accurate navigation works on most commonly used survey devices - with intelligent assignment of local datums


The groundbreaking 12-month project will allow apple growers to obtain greater insights into the size, count and variability of their fresh produce at the point of harvest, allowing data-driven decision on crop usage.

Agriculture Intelligence to Feature in the 2024 AI in AG Conference at Texas A&M University

Agriculture Intelligence, a leader in agricultural science technology, is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming AI in AG conference, scheduled for April 15-17, 2024, at Texas A&M University. The conference will gather experts and leaders from across the industry to discuss the integration of advanced technologies in agriculture.

Nano-Yield™ and COMPO EXPERT® Mexico Sign Strategic Collaboration

Nano-Yield™ will ultimately supply COMPO EXPERT® with several patented nano-based crop nutrition products, which both companies agree will greatly enhance nutrient delivery to specialty crops and row crops in Latin America.

Blendhub presents at Food 4 Future a project focused on developing nutritious and sustainable foods from alternative proteins

Alongside some of its partners, Chemometric Brain, FoodiQ, 3D Essence Food, and Lean Compacting Company, they will also present innovative solutions based on ingredient upcycling, advanced plant-based formulas, waste management, and the Food-as-a-Service business model to help food companies innovate and launch new products worldwide.

Biolevel Expands Distribution of its Ag Bionutrition Platform with My Yield

My Yield offers nationwide distribution of customized seed treatment systems that empower farmers to maximize ROI

'Plug and Play Topeka' Selects 26 Startups for Its Animal Health, Ag-Tech Accelerator Program

Emerging companies from over 10 countries begin the three-month animal health/ag-tech startup program in Kansas' capital city

New NPG Forum Paper Explores the Role of Migrant Labor in US Agriculture

A Critical Examination of Options to Reduce Dependence on Hand Labor

GroGuru® Launches World's First Fully Integrated Wireless Underground System Soil Sensor Probe for Continuous Root Zone Monitoring of Annual Field Crops

GroGuru Partners with AquaCheck on Breakthrough Capacitance Probe with Integrated GroGuru® WUGS (Wireless Underground System) Featuring a 10 Year Battery Life

LettUs Grow and Innovative Growers Equipment Announce Partnership to Bring Advanced Aeroponic Technology to North America

Through this partnership, IGE will manufacture LettUs Grow's patented ultrasonic irrigation systems, enabling growers to optimise crop production and enhance quality, with the latest in irrigation technology.

Farmers Edge and Gevo Enter Collaboration on Climate-Smart Farm-to-Flight Project

The companies will work with growers spanning three states to track and quantify the carbon intensity impact of climate-smart practices helping to accelerate the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and low-CI ethanol

International Weed Genomics Consortium Celebrates Three Years of Achievements

Since its founding in April, 2021, the International Weed Genomics Consortium (IWGC) has been steadily advancing weed science via collaboration. These advancements include weed species genome sequencing, assembly, and annotation that are accessible via the IWGC weed species website, WeedPedia, and other collaborative databases. Additionally, IWGC offers multiple conferences and training opportunities to share its findings with others each year.

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igus® - Durable polymer components for heavy-duty applications

igus® - Durable polymer components for heavy-duty applications

e-chain® cable carriers and iglide® composite plain bearings are designed to withstand dirt, dust, and other extreme conditions and high loads, while operating maintenance-free and without external lubricants. They're especially suited for heavy-duty applications in the agricultural, mining, and construction industries.