Full Harvest Reduces Food Waste Faster by Expanding Supply Chain Digitization to All Produce Grades

Adds USDA Grade 1 Produce to Become Leading Online Marketplace Serving Entire Produce Market for Commercial Buyers and Sellers

Siemens provides automation and building technology for Middle East's biggest vertical farm

Bustanica, the Dubai-based vertical farming company, requires 95% less water than a conventional plot, and yields more than 1 million kg of produce free of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals

SeedLink Teams Up With Meristem Crop Performance

"Meristem is bringing cutting-edge innovative technology...and we want our farmers to benefit from it."

Pheromone Ingredients from Alfa Chemistry: A Sustainable Solution for Pest Control and Animal Behavior Modification

Alfa Chemistry, a leading chemical supplier, has recently announced the expansion of its product line to pheromone ingredients for applications in agriculture.

Surna Cultivation Technologies Announces New Contract Win with Vertical Indoor-Ag Farming company, Farm.One, Inc.

Under the contract, Surna will leverage its indoor agriculture climate control technologies and mechanical engineering capabilities to deliver a holistic HVAC system design for Farm.One's New York-based, vertical farming facility. Surna's engineering team has already begun working with Farm.One to select and size HVAC equipment that best fit their facility and cultivation goals.

Semios Launches Nelson TWIG® Beta for Automated Irrigation Control

Water has been a trending topic at Semios over the past few years. It seems every season Mother Nature throws a curveball and more and more growers are looking to take the guesswork out of important irrigation decisions.

Agris and Granot International Ltd enter joint venture, with support from AgDevCo, to develop avocado research and production hub in Kenya.

Agris, the agriculture and forestry division of investment company Maris, and Granot, a leading avocado producer from Israel, are developing a 390 hectare avocado plantation at Agris' flagship Ndabibi farm in Naivasha, Kenya, with investment from AgDevCo.

Lifeasible Provides Plant Gene Overexpression Service for Research Use

Lifeasible, with decades of experience in plant genetic engineering, addresses the genetic modification of plants through multiple popular genetic engineering technologies. Now the company offers plant gene overexpression service to accommodate research needs.

Syngenta and Biotalys Enter Into Strategic Partnership in Biologicals Innovation to Advance Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

Syngenta to leverage Biotalys' AGROBODY™ technology platform to expand insecticide biocontrol pipeline

Farmmi Establishes New FARMMI USA INC. Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

Farmmi plans to leverage its new platform to expand its growth in the important North American market, which is one of the world's largest markets for high-quality agricultural products. This is another important step in deepening the Company's international business strategy, following the establishment of FARMMI CANADA INC., a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary last year.


Innovate UK Funding Malawi Trial of Low-Cost Tractor Featuring Lead Batteries and Solar Power for Deep Bed Farming

Day-O-Lite Joins BIOS Illuminated Program

BIOS Lighting welcomes Day-O-Lite to the BIOS Illuminated™ Program. Day-O-Lite expands the BIOS Illuminated product offering, allowing specifiers to choose from a diverse portfolio of LED luminaires, all made in the USA, and designed with the BIOS SkyBlue™ Technology for healthcare, education, office, and interior applications.

New Submerged HPUs Increase Ag Equipment Reliability

Innovative, patented design places motor and gear pump in the oil reservoir to protect critical components while limiting maintenance and equipment downtime

Researchers Develop New Drought Tolerant Variety of Tomatoes

Study Conducted at Hebrew University Finds That New Tomato Variety Consumes Less Water While Also Increasing Its Yield in Extreme Weather Conditions

Farmers Business Network Releases Industry First Artificial Intelligence Ag Advisor

The AI Agronomic Advisor, Norm℠, is powered by ChatGPT

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Cartesian robots with the right design upgrades can take over manual transfer operations with ease

Cartesian robots with the right design upgrades can take over manual transfer operations with ease

Manufacturing and packaging operations that still depend on manual material or parts handling operations can reap immediate benefits from a type of automation based on long-travel Cartesian robots with custom end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) and advanced sensing capabilities. These robots can support a variety of machines - performing otherwise manual tasks such as machine tending or transferring in-process parts - making long-travel Cartesian transfer robots a major upgrade to processes and operations. Download the White Paper from Bell-Everman